Aryan Khan Drug Case Selective Treatment Suspicious Behavior Of NCB Officers Finds Surveillance Team

Ario Khan case: According to top NCB sources, the Surveillance Investigation Team has discovered several irregularities against 7 officers who examined Aryan Khan in a new development in the cruise ship narcotics case.

In its report, the surveillance team suggested disciplinary action be taken against these officers. The surveillance team’s 3,000-page report was sent to NCB three months ago.

The report includes video footage and 65 people’s testimonies.

The monitoring team discovered that Aryan received “selective therapy.” He also notes that Aryan Khan’s words were delivered in a very official manner.

Inconsistencies were also discovered in the officers’ prior cases during the last 18 months who handled the Aryan Khan case.

The creation of a communications strategy for OCN officials is also mentioned in the study.

According to the reports, the surveillance crew also reportedly asked Aryan Khan about her selfie with Kiran Goswami, which led to the discovery of the whole incident.

According to the claim, the selfie was used as leverage in an extortion attempt.

The investigation states that there was no evidence of a relationship between the claimed initial extortion pay (Rs 25 lakh) and his association with Sameer Wankhede.

Investigations were conducted into the extortion claims made against seven OCN officers in this matter. In two to three instances, anomalies were discovered during the inquiry.

The same was true of the allegations of extortion against 7 OCN officials.

The report further notes that during the first investigation of the issue, top NCB officers from Delhi were also deceived.

A top officer of the Mumbai NCB behaved inappropriately and in violation of service regulations.

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The relevant department will shortly determine what should happen to individuals who have been moved (Sameer Wankhede) to other departments.

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