Ravi Sarma Assamese Actor: His Life And Acting Career

Ravi Sarma is one of the most popular Assamese actors in recent years. He has starred in many Assamese films and television shows and has won several awards for his acting. In this blog post, we will take a look at Ravi Sarma’s life and career. We will explore his early life and how he became an actor, as well as some of his most famous roles. We will also look at the future of his career, and what projects he has lined up.

Ravi Sarma: His Life And Acting Career

Ravi Sarma is an Assamese actor who has appeared in both Assamese and Hindi language films. He was born on 5th October 1950 in Nagaon, Assam. After completing his schooling at Cotton College, he graduated from Dibrugarh University.

Sarma made his acting debut in the film Jyoti Prasad Agarwala‘s “Chameli Memsaab” (1975). Since then, he has worked in numerous Assamese and Hindi films like “Nishidas”, “Pratidhwani”, “Antareen”, “Kallol”, “Aparoopa”, and many more. He has also directed two Assamese films – “Bharat Jyoti” (1987), “Anurag” (1991), and Sri Raghupati 2023.

Sri Raghupati” stands as a luminous testament to the depth and diversity of Assamese film. The film, steeped in the rich traditions and culture of Assam, presents a compelling narrative that intertwines with the evocative landscapes of the region. With Ravi Sarma taking the lead, the audience is ushered into a world where every frame tells a story and every note of music touches the soul. The film Sri Raghupati’s budget was 5cr and earned 16cr to date.

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Some of his notable performances include his roles in the films “Katha Ithile Naam‘, ‘Xagoroloi Bohu Door‘, ‘Ekhon Nedekha Nadir Xipaaye‘, ‘Aai Kot Nee Aasha‘, and ‘Dinabandhu‘. For his role in the latter film, he received the National Film Award for Best Actor. Sarma has also received several other awards and accolades for his work in Assamese cinema.

Ravi Sarma His Life And Acting Career
Ravi Sarma

Ravi Sarma – His Life

Ravi Sarma was born on the 1st of January in Assam, India. His father was an actor and his mother was a homemaker. Ravi completed his schooling at Don Bosco High School, Assam, and went on to pursue a degree in acting from the National School of Drama, Delhi.

After graduating, he worked in various theatre productions across India. In the early 2000s, he made his debut in Assamese cinema with the film ‘Dinabandhu’. Since then, he has appeared in over 30 films and has established himself as one of the leading actors in Assamese cinema.

Ravi is married to fellow actress Pallavi Sarma and they have two daughters together. 

Ravi Sarma – His Acting Career

Ravi Sarma is an Assamese actor who has worked in both television and film. He started his career as a stage actor, before moving on to television serials. He has appeared in a number of Assamese films, including Jahnu Barua‘s Baandhon and Aparna Sen‘s 36 Chowringhee Lane. Sarma has also won several awards for his work, including the National Film Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Baandhon.

Sarma was born in Nagaon, Assam, and studied at the Cotton College in Guwahati. He later joined the National School of Drama in Delhi, from where he graduated in 1980. After working briefly with the theatre group “Naya Theatre” in Delhi, he returned to Assam and started working with the “Bharatiya Natya Sangh” under the guidance of Jyoti Prasad Agarwala. Sarma made his television debut in 1983 with the serial “Ganga”, which was followed by “Dharani” and “Pratima”. He made his film debut with Mani Kaul’s Uski Roti in 1989.

Ravi Sarma has worked extensively in television and film, across genres. Some of his notable works include:

– The TV serial “Ganga“, which won him the Best Actor award at the 9th Indian Television Academy Awards

– The film “Baandhon“, which won him.

Ravi Sharma Biography

Ravi Sarma’s Best Movies

Ravi Sarma is one of the most prolific actors in Assamese cinema. He has appeared in over 200 films in a career spanning more than four decades. Here are some of his best movies:

1. Jyoti Prasad Agarwala’s “Chameli Memsaab”: This classic Assamese film was released in 1975 and starred Ravi Sarma as the titular character, Chameli. The film follows the story of a young woman who is married off to an older man and then faces difficulties adjusting to her new life.

2. Jatin Bora’s “Loote”: Released in 1984, “Loote” is another classic Assamese film that stars Ravi Sarma in the lead role. The film is set during the Bangladesh War of Independence and follows the story of a group of refugees who are trying to escape to India.

3. Dilip Kumar Barua’s “Dinabandhu”: This film was released in 1987 and starred Ravi Sarma as the titular character, Dinabandhu. The film is set during the Partition of India and follows the story of a Hindu family who is forced to leave their home in East Pakistan and relocate to India.

4. Manju Borah’s “Agnisnan”: This critically acclaimed Assamese film was released in 1989 and starred Ravi Sarma as the lead character, Agnisnan. The film

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What Ravi Sarma is Doing Now

Ravi Sarma has been busy with his acting career since he appeared in the Assamese film industry. Some of his recent work includes a lead role in the Assamese film industry’s first-ever web series, “Akhada”, which was released on YouTube in September 2020.

He has also been working on two more web series, “Bidaai” and “Ghar Jamai“, which are set to release in 2021. In addition to his acting career, Ravi Sarma is also a producer and director. He has produced two short films, “Ekla Cholo Re” and “Khela“, which have been well-received by audiences.


Ravi Sarma is one of the most successful Assamese actors of all time. His career has spanned over three decades and he has appeared in some of the most popular Assamese films and television shows. Ravi Sarma is also a dedicated philanthropist, working to improve the lives of people in his home state of Assam.

We hope this article has given you an insight into the life and work of this amazing actor and human being. Read also, Jatin Bora (যতীন বৰা) | Assamese Best Movie and Drama Actor.

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