Mousumi Sahariya: A Voice Of Assamese Music

Mousumi Sahariya is a name that is synonymous with the soul of Assamese music. A playback singer, she has been a part of the Assamese film industry for over two decades and has sung some of the most iconic songs in Assamese cinema. Born into a musical family, Sahariya started learning music at a young age and made her debut in the Assamese film industry in 1995. She has since gone on to sing over 500 songs in Assamese, Bengali and Hindi films. Sahariya’s voice is unique and instantly recognizable, making her one of the most popular singers in Assam. She has won several awards for her work, including the prestigious National Film Award for Best Female Playback Singer. In this blog post, we take a look at the life and career of Mousumi Sahariya, one of the most celebrated voices of Assamese music.

Mousumi Sahariya: Assamese Singer

Mousumi Sahariya is a young, upcoming Assamese singer who is quickly making a name for herself in the music industry. Born and raised in Assam, Mousumi has always had a passion for music and singing. She started taking formal vocal lessons at the age of 8, and hasn’t looked back since.

Mousumi has been honing her craft over the years and has performed at various events and concerts across Assam. She has also released several singles which have been well received by the audience. Her latest single “Borokhata” is a beautiful ballad that talks about the struggles of modern day life.

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Mousumi’s voice is unique and soulful, and she is definitely one to watch out for in the coming years. We are sure that she will go on to do great things in the world of Assamese music!

Who is Mousumi Sahariya?

Mousumi Sahariya is an Assamese singer and songwriter who has been making music for over two decades. She is known for her unique voice and her ability to evoke emotion in her lyrics. Sahariya’s music often deals with social and political issues, and she has been praised for her ability to raise awareness about these issues through her songs.

What is Assamese music?

Assamese music is the traditional music of the Assamese people. It is a blend of folk and classical music, with elements of Hindustani and Carnatic music. The main instruments used in Assamese music are the flute, banjo, dholak, violin, and sitar.

The traditional music of Assam can be divided into two main categories: Borgeet and Goalpariya Lokgeet. Borgeet is a type of devotional song that is sung in praise of the Hindu god Krishna. Goalpariya Lokgeet is a folk music that includes various genres such as wedding songs, work songs, love songs, etc.

Assamese music has been influenced by various other cultures over the years. For instance, British colonialism had a significant impact on the development of Assamese music. Western musical styles and instruments were introduced to Assam during this time, which led to the fusion of Western and Eastern musical traditions.

Today, Assamese music continues to evolve as it incorporates new influences from both within and outside Assam. Even as it changes and grows, however, the traditional sounds and styles of Assamese music remain an important part of the state’s musical heritage.

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Mousumi Sahariya’s musical journey

Mousumi Sahariya, a young and talented singer from Assam, has been making waves in the music industry with her unique voice and style. She started her musical journey at a very young age and has been honing her craft ever since.

Mousumi has always had a passion for music and it was this passion that led her to pursue a career in singing. She started her journey by participating in various competitions and events. This not only helped her gain confidence but also allowed her to polish her skills.

Over the years, Mousumi has released several songs that have been greatly appreciated by both critics and fans alike. Her latest album, ‘Dhun’, is a perfect example of her talent and versatility. The album features a mix of traditional Assamese songs as well as modern ones, all sung with feeling and emotion.

Mousumi Sahariya is quickly establishing herself as one of the leading voices of Assamese music today. With her unique style and beautiful voice, she is sure to win over even more hearts in the years to come.

Mousumi Sahariya is one of the most popular Assamese singers. Her sweet and soft voice has captured the hearts of many fans. She released her first mainstream album when she was only a fifth grader. It has been hugely popular among her fan base since then. Over the years, she has sung in more powerful albums, like Moi Mousumi, Morimi Mousumi, Jauban etcetra as well as other albums like Jauban, Mon Nache Ulot, Hiyar Morom etcetra. Some of her best songs include Akashi Ganga – 8 hits from Dr Bhupen Hazarika’s album and Manuhe Manuhor Babe – 2 hits from this CD.

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Why is Mousumi Sahariya’s voice important?

There are many reasons why Mousumi Sahariya’s voice is important. For one, she is a powerful singer with a beautiful, unique voice. She has the ability to convey emotion and tell a story through her singing, which is something that not many singers can do. Additionally, she is an excellent songwriter and has written some of the most popular Assamese songs in recent years. Her voice is also important because she represents a new generation of Assamese musicians who are breaking away from the traditional sound of Assamese music and creating their own unique style. Mousumi Sahariya is leading the way for a new generation of Assamese musicians, and her voice is an important part of that movement.

The future of Assamese music

The future of Assamese music is in good hands with talented artists like Mousumi Sahariya leading the way. Assamese music has a rich history and culture that is unique and worth preserving. With the right support, Assamese music can continue to thrive and evolve in the years to come.


Mousumi Sahariya is a talented singer who has brought the sounds of Assamese music to a wider audience. Her voice is both powerful and beautiful, and she has a true passion for her culture and its music. If you’re looking for someone to provide the perfect soundtrack for your next event, Mousumi Sahariya is an excellent choice.

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