Thailand: Things You Should Know Before Traveling

Thailand is a popular destination for many people for both its beautiful beaches and culture, but it can also be quite dangerous with the prevalence of scams. Here are some things you should know before traveling to Thailand this holiday season.

Facts about Thailand

Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia with over 67 million people. The country is known for its tropical climate, beautiful beaches, and lush countryside. Thailand is a popular vacation destination due to its many attractions, including the world-famous cities of Bangkok and Phuket. This article provides some facts about Thailand:

1. Thailand has a long history dating back to at least the Prehistoric period. The first recorded Thai kingdom was founded in the 12th century BC by King Ramkhamhaeng the Great.

2. Thailand was under Chinese rule from the 5th to 8th centuries AD, and then became part of the Khmer Empire until it was invaded by Burmese troops in 1767 AD and subsequently conquered by King Taksin the Great of Thonburi.

3. In 1813, Thailand became a Siamese kingdom under Rama I and assumed its present boundaries after it defeated Burma in 1824.

4. Following World War II, Thailand endured years of military dictatorship before becoming a constitutional monarchy in 1992. The king is currently represented by an appointed regent who serves as de facto head of state.

5. Thailand’s economy depends a lot on exports of farm products, seafood, and goods made in factories. Foreign investors have put a lot of money into the country, which has helped it become one of the most developed economies in Southeast Asia. Tourism is also a major source of revenue for the Thai government.

Different regions of Thailand

Thailand: Things You Should Know Before Traveling

Thailand is a vast and diverse country with many different regions. Here are some things to know about the various areas before traveling:

Northern Thailand
Most of the north of Thailand is rural and mountainous, and there are many beautiful temples and villages in the area. It’s great for nature lovers, with plenty of parks and wildlife to be seen. The north is also home to the popular city of Chiang Mai, which is famous for its nightlife and traditional Thai culture.

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Central Thailand
Central Thailand is a mix of rural and urban areas, with mountains in the background but close proximity to large cities like Bangkok. This region is home to some of the country’s most popular tourist attractions, like the Grand Palace and Wat Pho. It’s also a great place to find affordable shopping opportunities and delicious food.

Southern Thailand
The south is more laid-back than the north, with beaches fronting picturesque islands and a relaxed atmosphere. It’s also home to major tourist destinations like Phuket and Ko Samui, as well as spectacular scenery including rainforest rivers and bamboo forests. The south of Thailand is a great place to unwind after a long day of traveling around the country.

Traveling to different parts of Thailand

When planning your trip to Thailand, be sure to consider the different regions of the country.

The Gulf of Thailand is a beautiful region that surrounds Bangkok and features crystal blue water and white sand beaches. This is a popular tourist destination for those looking for luxury resorts, as well as some great surfing spots.

The Central Plains are home to the bustling city of Bangkok and offer plenty of attractions, including ancient ruins, lush green countryside, and rewarding weekend getaways. There are also many interesting small towns here that make for lovely walks or short drives from major cities.

Northern Thailand is one of the most diverse regions in the country with rolling hills, rubber plantations, dramatic mountains, and deep valleys. The landscape is both stunning and treacherous – make sure you have all the appropriate gear before you go! This area offers some great cultural experiences too – visit the isolated hill tribes or take a pilgrimage to Wat Arun or Sukhothai temples.

Southern Thailand is more laid-back than its northern counterpart, with more peaceful temples and friendly people. It’s also a great place to see rainforests, coral reefs, and lively beach towns.

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Must know Thai phrases

Thai phrases can be a great way to break the ice when talking to locals, and they come in handy for ordering food, getting directions, and bargaining.

Here are some essential Thai phrases to know:

คุณพ่อ (khoon phaaw) – Dad or Mr./Ms.
เธอ (thuuhr) – You
เข้า (khao) – Come in
ไม่ (maai) – No
แต่ (dtaae) – But
ไม่นาน (maai naan) – Not long
ขอแค่ ไม่นาน (khaaw khaae maai naan) – Just a little bit

Here are some more useful Thai phrases:

ให้ (haih) – to give
เป็น (pen) – it is
โทร (thuuhr) – telephone
ใช้ (chaai) – to use

Transportation to and from the airport

When traveling to Thailand, consider the following:

-The airport is in Bangkok. There are many flights daily from major U.S. airports, so transiting through Bangkok should not be a problem.

-There are numerous ways to get into Bangkok. The most common way is by taxi. There are also public buses and trains that can take you into central Bangkok.

-If flying into Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK), there are many ways to get around the city including renting a car or using the airport shuttle service.

-When leaving Thailand, it’s best to book your flight as soon as possible since prices tend to increase as soon as tickets go on sale.

Safety in Thailand

Thailand: Thailand Pattaya

When traveling to Thailand, it is important to be aware of the risks involved. Here are some things you should know before heading to this popular travel destination:

1. Crime in Thailand is rampant. Thefts and break-ins are common, and there have been reports of tourists being attacked and even killed due to their inability to defend themselves. Make sure you take the right safety measures, like putting your luggage in a hotel safe and not walking around alone at night. You should also always carry your identification with you.

2. While the country is generally safe for vacationers, there are still certain areas where violence can occur. Be careful if you go to places near the Cambodian and Laotian borders where insurgent groups are active.

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3. Thailand’s tropical climate may seem idyllic, but it is also susceptible to serious health risks. Be sure to consult your doctor before traveling if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing medical conditions, and make sure you take plenty of sunscreen and insect repellent while in Thailand. Avoid drinking contaminated water and staying away from Monkey Temple attractions if you’re susceptible to bites from these pests.

The urban lifestyle of Bangkok

Bangkok is a city that never sleeps. It’s always buzzing with people and activity, whether it’s the neon lights and hustle and bustle of Sukhumvit Road or the quiet streets of Khao San Road. Whether you’re looking for calm after a hectic day or want to explore everything the city has to offer, Bangkok will never disappoint. Here are some things you should know before traveling to Thailand:

– Bangkok is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, so if you’re looking for a wild party scene, this isn’t your destination. While there are certain bars and clubs where you can let loose, much of Bangkok is geared toward travelers who want to experience all the culture and cuisine the country has to offer.

– The Thai currency is known as the baht (บาท). 1 USD = 35.32 Thai Baht when converted to baht. To convert money back into dollars or other currencies, simply divide 100 USD by 3,533.55 Thai Baht.

– You’ll need some sort of passport photo ID when traveling to Thailand. Many hotels will also require a copy of your visa as well as your passport photo ID.

– Electricity in Thailand ranges from 110 volts to 220 volts, so be sure to bring an adapter if needed. Some electronics do not work with voltages above 110 volts, so it’s always a good idea to check before departing.

– Thai food is famous all over the world, but if you’re looking for something specific, be sure to ask your hotel or restaurant what they have to offer. There’s no need to worry about being disappointed

– Bangkok has everything from street food to high-end dining options.

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