PM Modi interacts with students at 5G launch | Latest news India

During the 5G launch event at Pragati Maidan in Delhi on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked to students via video chat. After the students had a short online lesson about the heart, its functions, cardiac muscles, etc., PM Modi talked with them. Prime Minister Modi told a student at the Ropda Primary School in Ahmedabad, “You have glasses at this age! You must work hard at school. Tell me what you want to learn about with the help of technology.

“Science,” the student said. PM Modi asked the student if they would have trouble understanding the subject if they didn’t have a teacher in front of them. “No,” the student said.

“Won’t you want to go outside and play after a while if there’s no teacher there? Shouldn’t this digital thing sometimes tell me what to do? Prime Minister Modi asked. He or she nodded.

After talking with the students, Prime Minister Modi talked with workers building the Delhi Metro and took a virtual tour of the tunnel.

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