5 unhealthy habits that are harmful to your stomach

5 unhealthy habits that are harmful to your stomach
5 unhealthy habits that are harmful to your stomach

Gut health is very important because the intestine is one of the most important parts of the body. Our gut bacteria need to be as friendly as possible at all times. The gut does many things for the body, from making energy to keeping hormone levels in check. Every day, we often do things that hurt our gut health without even realising it. It’s mostly because of our modern way of life and what we eat every day. In an interview with India.com, nutritionist Sonia Bakshi talks about how health problems that start in the gut are becoming more common today. She also talks about five bad habits that could affect how well your intestine works. Keep reading!


1. Not getting enough exercise: Being physically active is good for our health in many ways, like lowering our risk of chronic diseases and stress. It has also been shown to change the bacteria in the gut, which is healthy for the gut. People who are more fit have more good bacteria in their bodies. These bacteria are important for metabolic health and preventing obesity.

2. Not getting enough sleep: Everyone knows that good sleep is important for overall health. Our circadian rhythm is our body’s way of keeping track of time. It changes how our brains, bodies, and hormones work. It tells our bodies when it’s time to sleep and when to stay awake and alert. The daily rhythm of our intestines is similar to the circadian rhythm. When we mess with our biological clock, it can hurt not only our bodies but also the bacteria in our guts.

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3. Stress: Our modern way of life and the high levels of stress that come with it are bad for the body. When we are stressed out, the number of bacteria in our guts that are good for our health can go down. Stress can also slow the flow of blood by changing the bacteria in our gut. Gut bacteria are very important to our health as a whole, and problems with gut flora have been linked to many health problems.

4. Too much alcohol: When we drink a lot of alcohol, it makes our digestive system work harder. This makes it take longer for food to be broken down properly, which can lead to more gas and stomach pain. Not everything is bad, though. A glass of red wine now and then can be good for the ecosystem in our gut. The key is to keep eating every now and then.

5. Diet isn’t full of whole foods: A diet full of whole foods with a variety of nutrients has been shown to help promote different types of bacteria, which leads to a diverse gut flora. People who ate more than 30 different kinds of plant-based foods per week had a more diverse mix of gut microbes than those who ate less. So, a diet that doesn’t include a lot of different whole foods can lead to a loss of diversity in the intestinal flora, which can have a number of bad effects on health.

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