Helicopter accident in Arunachal 5 bodies of army personnel recovered, rescue operation concluded

The rescue effort has been completed, and the five army personnel’s remains that were found in the Upper Siang area of Arunachal Pradesh after the chopper accident have been retrieved. The search and rescue operation is over now that the fifth and last body has been found, the Defense PRO in Tezpur told the ANI news service on Saturday.

The Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH), which was on a routine mission and had departed from Likabali in the Lower Siang region, was carrying five military soldiers, including two pilots, when it crashed at 10:43 a.m. on Friday.

The corpses of four Army servicemen were found at the accident scene on Friday night, and today the news agency stated that the hunt for the fifth person’s lifeless remains had come to an end.

Details are being worked out, but the accident’s precise reasons are as yet unclear.

A trial court has been established to look into the disaster, and it will concentrate on the “May Day” call that Air Traffic received.

ANI reported that the Army said in a news release that Air Traffic Control (ATC) had gotten a “may day” call shortly before the crash, which meant there was a technical or mechanical problem.

This is what the Court of Instruction, which was promptly established to investigate what occurred, would be concentrating on, the statement said.

The pilots have more than 1,800 duty flight hours between them and more than 600 combined flight hours in the Advance Light Helicopter, according to a PRO statement (Weapon Systems Integrated).

An Indian Army pilot died earlier this year on October 5 in a Cheetah helicopter accident close to the Tawang region of Arunachal Pradesh.

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