Diwali bonus for EPFO ​​employees announced. Check who is eligible to receive Rs 13,806

Bonus during Diwali for EPFO Staff For EPFO staff, some good news is coming. Prior to the holiday season, the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) announced the Diwali bonus for its staff. The social security agency announced this week that it will provide a productivity-linked bonus (PLB) to all of its Group “C” and Group “B” (unofficial) workers. Eligible EPFO workers would get PLB equal to 60 days of pay as part of this incentive, up to a maximum of Rs 13,806.

I’m writing to let you know that the Competent Authority has approved the granting of an advance against the Bonus Linked to Productivity for Eligible Employees of Group C and Group B (Unpublished) of Employee Provident Fund Organization for the years 2021–2021, up to a maximum of Rs 13,806 against the Productivity Linked Bonus equal to 60 (sixty) days’ salary for the Fund Organization employees forecast for the year.

The social security organization also stated that each eligible employee must submit a request for the advance payment, which is subject to the condition that “the advance will be adjusted against the PLB due for the year 2021-22 and any excess payment detected towards PLB for the year 2021-22 would be reimbursed immediately.”

Who is eligible for PLB

According to the circular from the EPFO, regular Group C and Group B (unofficial) workers, whether temporary or permanent, will be entitled to earn the bonus if they were working on a prorated basis on their final day of employment in March 2021–2022. However, any new part-time, contract or departmental workers will not be qualified for the bonus.

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