Janhvi Kapoor Performs Sizzling Belly Dance At Chikni Chameli, Salman Khan Impressed

Bigg Boss 16 Mili Episode: We see Janhvi Kapoor and Sunny Kaushal promote Mili on the reality show. The two actors were seen entering BB’s house to perform with housemates in a fun task. As the Mili star enters the house in a sexy blue dress, Sunny is seen dressed in a red blazer paired with black pants and a shirt. They both looked stunning as they walked into the reality show home and met show host Salman Khan. In addition, Janhvi Kapoor also gave her belly dance performance!

On the show, Janhvi walks into the house with Sunny Kaushal and they both meet the BB contestants. Janhvi likes Abdu Rozik right away, flirting with him and teasing him with her beauty. She even asks if Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia was prettier than her. Janhvi blushes and agrees that she looks more beautiful on TV.

Later, the guests Sunny and Janhvi play with the housemates and ask them questions about themselves. MC Stan chooses between Ankit Gupta and Archana Gautam based on the questions being asked, then immerses one contestant’s face further into a container with ice. Later, Shalin Bhanot and Gautam Vig arrive at the location of the activity to ask Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia different questions where they immerse Gautam’s face in ice by asking him who is fake most of the time in the house.


Sunny and Janhvi then leave the house, meet Salman on the set of Wanted, and he remembers meeting Janhvi when she was a child. He recalls being so impressed with her dancing skills that he encouraged her to study with Prabhu Deva in Mumbai. Not only that, but he also recalled that Sridevi, Janhvi’s mother, had told him how good of a dancer she was.

Janhvi had once been a belly dance champion as a child, but she hadn’t danced for years. When she was tasked to perform a sizzling belly dance at Chikni Chameli, she finally rejoined the act.

The two of them are later seen creating a reel from Abdu Rozik’s dialogues. Janhvi nailed them, and Salman wishes them well for the film.

According to the official Bigg Boss 16 website, the show airs on Colors at 10pm Monday through Friday. On weekends, it airs at 9:30am. Stay tuned for more updates.

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