Shefali Jariwala on her flying experience amid pandemic

New Delhi, May 28 Actress Shefali Jariwala along with her husband Parag Tyagi flew to Delhi from Mumbai on May 26 after the demise of her father-in-law.

“My father-in-law was unwell for sometime. He was in the hospital for dialysis as his kidneys were giving him a lot of trouble, and just before the dialysis began he had a massive heart attack. He was admitted to hospital last month,” Shefali told IANS.

Domestic air travel resumed in India on Monday post two months of coronavirus lockdown, and Shefali considers herself fortunate that she could board the flight and be with her family in time.

“Fortunately, flight operations had just begun, so we managed to reach there on time. We took a flight to Delhi and luckily our flight did not get cancelled as a lot of cancellations were happening that day,” she added.

Shefali also spoke about the safety precautions she followed while travelling from one state to the other via air.

“We were properly covered. We had a mask, face shield. We wore hoodies, socks and shoes while travelling. We did our web check-in before reaching to the airport as it was mandatory. Staff checked our temperature before allowing us to enter the airport. We even had to bring our own baggage tags. It was more like a self check-in. I have never seen Bombay airport like this in my life. It was deserted. People were wearing masks, PPE suits and maintaining social distancing. There were hand sanitisers at every corner of the airport. There was sadness in the air. It felt different. I guess it’s the new normal,” she said.

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