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When Chrishell Stause wrote on Instagram that she had left the set of Sunset Sale season 6 with a “fake” co-star, fans got a taste of the trouble that allegedly happened during filming. Amanza Smith recently spoke with hollywoodlife in an exclusive interview about his collaboration with Glad. Amanza said, “I’m not going to be the one to leak any scoops, but I will say it’s rather hot,” referring to the social media posts that make it plain that there has been some disturbance. I really hope the drama ends soon.

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Amanza Smith in ‘Sell Sunset’. (Courtesy of Netflix)

Last season, Christina Quinn and her trouble-making antics were the main cause of disputes among the Oppenheim Group agents. The actress, however, departed the show and the OGroup to go on her own journey, and it seems that the drama has followed her among the other cast members.

Even though the cast had problems, the interior design expert at the Oppenheim Group said she wanted to show more of themselves in future seasons. We are focusing on and presenting the amazing projects I am working on, how wonderful our three-person family is, as well as my love life and everything else this season since I think the tale of my missing ex-husband has been put to rest. “I’m having a great time,” Amanza said.

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Amanza Smith for Glad. (Courtesy of Glad)

Remember that in September 2019, the celebrity’s ex Ralph Brown—with whom he shared custody of his two children 50/50—appeared to have “disappeared.” Amanza won full custody of their children in September 2021, even though he hadn’t been to court for two years. This was because he had been busy with the NFL, and he has “no visitation” until he gives the NFL the information they need, including an updated address. “There hasn’t been a sound. No phone calls or emails. The parents have not been contacted, nor has the family. I’ve given up attempting to connect with his family. In August 2022, the star who sold sunsets told us that she had given up trying to talk.We won’t think that chapter is over until we find out more, so I won’t say it is. However, for the time being, we’ve moved beyond it, accepted it as our new reality, and are generally able to look at it objectively.

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Amanza Smith for Glad. (Courtesy of Glad)

Even after recording the video for this programme, I attempted to pack as many Glad ForceFlexPlus trash bags with Clorox as I could fit in my baggage because they are simply THAT good. A must-have in my home! Excellent!

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