How to download BGMI latest version 2.2

BGMI New 2.2 Update and BGMI Download; Download Battleground Mobile India (BGMI Edition 2.2 APK) for free in the new addition and explore yourself in various news game features like Maps, Game Modes, and Wanted Challenges.

You can play this game alone or with your friends to make a chicken dinner and get a variety of special prizes and defeat the enemy in this game.

If you are having trouble installing BGMI Version 2.2 Apk from Play Store and you want to download BGMI APK Version 2.2 files to install it manually, don’t worry.

We are here to help you. In this post, we will guide you all through the steps one by one. How To Download Battleground Mobile India Edition 2.2 And I also share the patch note of Edition 2.2 BGMI.

How to download BGMI latest version 2.2
How to download BGMI latest version 2.2?

What is BGMI?

If you’ve heard about the PUBG game before, you must have known about it. The first game to come to India was called PUBG. This game was very popular with the people and the people who played the game.

This game was very popular with the people, but this game was probably not acceptable to many other people, only then this game was banned after some time. As soon as this game was out, another version of this game BGMI came out. Once it came, people really liked it.

After playing this game, there was a different enthusiasm seen in the people. This game also slowly became famous and this game was later banned as well. Once this game was banned, there was only one question in people’s minds whether there will be such a game that will bring us pleasure.

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Perhaps God heard the voice of this spirit and also solved his problem. The new version of BGMI 2.2 has been released as soon as this game is banned. How can you download this game and how can you use it and be part of the game?

APK nameBattlegrounds Mobile India Apk (Bgmi Apk)
obb file nameAvailable soon
File size537 MB
PublisherKRAFton Inc
SupportsAndroid 5.0 and above
android updateSeptember 14, 2022
iOS updateSeptember 15, 2022

How to download BGMI 2.2?

How do you download BGMI? To download it, you have few simple steps, with the help of which you can download and that too easy –

  • Step 1 – For this you must first Website But must come.
  • Step 2 After that, after visiting this website, there is an option available to download BGMI Apk in it. Clicking on it will take you to the new option.
  • Step 3 After that, after visiting this website, you will get new options in it.

In this way, you can easily download this application and with that you will get more new options in it. This website is not official, but with the help of this website you can download the APK file.

BGMI New Map Updates

This time some new updates have come in this game. Included in this are some new cards that you can see and enjoy after playing this game and also you can play this game easily. Here are some new cards added to this game –

  • Special call back
  • zip line
  • elevator
  • New Weapon: Tactical Crossbow
  • New Weapon: NS2000 Shotgun
  • New Vehicle: Quad
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Here are some new developments in this game –

Major update in BGMI 2.2: Erangel

Here is a new update. Updated maps and buildings to enhance your wartime experience! Hours: Open with version 2.2. Can be played in ranked mode.

  • New construction: Bicycle shed
  • Update Hospital and Mylta Power
  • New season: rainbow
  • New mechanism: Quick Shop
  • New system: gas station
  • New system: Target Supply Box

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