Jitul Sonowal: Pioneer of Modern Assamese Music

In the vibrant tapestry of Indian music, Assamese music holds a unique charm. Its gentle melodies, rhythmic beats, and insightful lyrics have captivated hearts for generations. But amidst this rich tradition, one name stands out as a pioneer – Jitul Sonowal.

jitul sonowal

Sonowal, often referred to as the “first modern Assamese singer,” wasn’t simply a gifted vocalist. He was a revolutionary, a bridge between the traditional and the contemporary. He understood the power of Assamese music’s essence while recognizing the need for evolution. And so, he embarked on a mission – to blend the timeless tunes of his heritage with the captivating notes of the Western world.

This fusion wasn’t a clash of styles; it was a harmonious marriage. Sonowal carefully incorporated elements like electric guitars, synthesizers, and modern percussion into his compositions, without ever diluting the soul of Assamese music. His songs remained rooted in the rhythms of Bihu, the poignant beauty of Bargeet, and the playful charm of Lakhimi Geet.

The result? A wave of melodious magic swept across Assam. Songs like “Jodi ketiyaba,” a romantic ode with a catchy groove, and “Abeli porot,” a melancholic ballad with a touch of rock, resonated with audiences of all ages. “Bukure Axabure,” a playful dance number with a hint of disco, became the soundtrack of countless joyous occasions.

Sonowal’s reach wasn’t limited to catchy tunes. He delved into deeper emotions with songs like “Dure Dure,” a heartfelt expression of longing, and “Ai beli Bihure,” a poignant reflection on life’s fleeting moments. His soulful rendition of “Jon Jole Tora Jole,” a traditional Bihu song, gave it a new lease on life, showcasing the versatility of his artistry.

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But Sonowal wasn’t just a vocalist; he was a storyteller. His songs weaved tales of love, loss, hope, and resilience, echoing the experiences of everyday Assamese people. In “Ketiyaba Ajanite,” he explored the complexities of unrequited love, while “Mur mon aji” celebrated the joy of finding oneself. “Moromi Logori,” a powerful ballad, became an anthem for women’s empowerment, and “Najaba Atori,” a nostalgic tribute to his mother, touched hearts with its raw emotion.

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Sonowal’s musical journey wasn’t confined to the stage. He donned the hat of a music director, crafting albums like “Niribili Godhuli,” a collection of romantic melodies, and “Bristi,” a soulful ode to the monsoon. “Natun Lahar,” a burst of vibrant energy, and “Sonali,” a celebration of life and hope, further cemented his position as a musical innovator.

Jitul Sonowal’s legacy extends beyond catchy tunes and innovative albums. He showed a generation of Assamese musicians that tradition and modernity could coexist, that their music could hold onto its roots while embracing new horizons. He paved the way for a new era of Assamese music, one that continues to enthrall audiences across the globe.

His journey is a testament to the power of music to bridge cultures and generations. It’s a story of courage, of innovation, and of the enduring love for the land and its melodies. And as long as the strains of “Jodi ketiyaba” or the poignant notes of “Abeli porot” fill the air, Jitul Sonowal’s legacy will continue to inspire, reminding us that music, like life, is a beautiful blend of the familiar and the new.

Jitul Sonowal is the first modern Assamese singer. Jitul Sonowal was pioneer in bringing western influence into Assamese music and blend it properly with the traditional music of the region. Some popular and hit songs of her for Assamese audio and video albums such as “Jodi ketiyaba“, “Abeli porot”, “Bukure Axabure”, “Dure Dure”, “Ai beli Bihure”, Jon Jole Tora Jole”, “Ketiyaba Ajanite”, “Mur mon aji” “Moromi Logori”, “Najaba Atori”, “Rimjhim Boroxar” etc. Jitul sonowal is a music director also. His Popular albums are Niribili Godhuli, Bristi, Natun Lahar, Sonali etc.

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