Amrita Gogoi, Most Talented and Gorgeous Actresses in Assam

Amrita Gogoi stands out as a shining star in the Assamese entertainment world. Hailing from a quaint village in Sivsagar, she began her educational journey at Joysagar Basic. Later, she furthered her studies at the renowned Cotton College and Guwahati University. Born on 22nd December 1991, Amrita has not only made a mark with her striking beauty but also with her commendable acting skills. While she predominantly graces the Assamese television industry, she has also showcased her talent in a handful of Assamese films, adding to her versatile portfolio.

Amrita Gogoi embarked on her acting journey with mobile theatres during the 2016-17 season, taking the stage in Hengul Theatre alongside Prosenjit Bora and Syamontika Sharma. She made her silver screen debut with “Ahetuk” and gained widespread recognition for the music video “Padel Mari Mari”. However, Amrita is not just limited to films; she’s also a household name for her remarkable roles in numerous Assamese mega-serials. Her outstanding performance in “Ahetuk” earned her the Best Actor Female award at the Prag Cine Awards North-East in 2015. Over the years, she has been a part of hit films such as “Dur”, “Soi Gaaor Chompa”, “Konwarpurar Konwar” (2017), and “Nijanor Gaan” (2018), showcasing her versatility and talent in the Assamese film industry.

Amrita Gogoi 2
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Amrita Gogoi
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