Kashmiri Saikia Baruah

Kashmiri Saikia Baruah stands as a monumental figure in Assamese cinema. Born in the picturesque town of Mangaldoi, Assam, her journey in the film industry is nothing short of inspirational.

Her foray into the cinematic world began with a dance appearance in the song “Aei Purnimar Raati” from the critically acclaimed film “Aranya” in 1971. She was but a schoolgirl then, showcasing a glimpse of the talent she harbored. By 1976, she was shouldering the responsibilities of a lead role in Samarendra Narayan Dev’s “Putola Ghar“.

1977 marked a significant milestone in Assamese cinema and for Kashmiri herself. “Sandhya Raag“, a film graced by her acting, became the first Assamese movie to be showcased in Indian Panorama. This was just a beginning; the 1980s saw Kashmiri ascending the ladder of success, with her remarkable performances in films like “Agnisnaan“, “Mayuri“, “Anthony Mur Naam“, and “Aei Desh Mur Desh“. Her role in the 1995 film “Hagoroloi Bohu Door” further solidified her legacy.

Beyond the silver screen, Kashmiri Saikia Baruah had a strong association with the small screen as well. Many in Assam remember her poised presence as a newscaster for Assamese bulletins on Doordarshan during the 1990s. Even today, she remains a familiar face, often gracing television screens as an anchor or participant in various Assamese talk shows and programs.

A blend of talent, grace, and determination, Kashmiri Saikia Baruah’s contributions to Assamese cinema and culture are truly commendable.

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