Angry at the hotelier, a drunk calls the police with ‘information’ about the threat to Maha CM’s life; Reserved

An unknown crime was registered against a guy who called the police control room on Sunday, reporting a “plan” to assassinate Maharashtra Prime Minister Eknath Shinde at a hotel in Lonavala, Pune district. The inquiry discovered that the guy, Avinash Waghmare, was inebriated when he called the hotel owner on Saturday to “teach a lesson” for allegedly overcharging him for a bottle of water.

The State Intelligence Department (SID) had received precise information regarding the threat against CM Shinde’s life a day earlier, according to State Intelligence Commissioner Ashutosh Dumbre. “After receiving precise information, we took the required precautions and enhanced the prime minister’s protection,” Dumbre told PTI.

He stated that additional protection has been provided to the CM, who has Z Plus category security coverage, and that security has also been reinforced at Shinde’s private property in Thane and the ‘Varsha’ official mansion in Mumbai. On Sunday night, a police official in Mumbai claimed that the threat entry was related to the NC case filed in Pune. Waghmare, who was going by private bus from Ghatkopar in Mumbai to Sangli, reportedly called the control centre on Saturday, reporting that a plot to murder the prime minister was being devised at the Lonavala hotel, according to the official.

Waghmare subsequently acknowledged that he was inebriated when he called police to seek down the hotelier with whom he had a quarrel about overcharging for a bottle of water, according to the official. “When our crew got to the hotel after the conversation, we learned that the person he was phoning was on a bus. Our staff attempted to contact the person again for more information, but they did not respond.

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“Later, the location of the phone was tracked down, and the individual was apprehended,” said Pune (Rural) Police Superintendent Abhinav Deshmukh. “Waghmare was on his way to Sangli on his own in a private bus. He said he made the call by accident because he was inebriated. He said that the bus stopped at the hotel for supper on Saturday, where he got into an argument with the hotel owner about the cost of a bottle of water “SP stated.

The SP claimed that he phoned the police control centre with the narrative of a scheme concocted in a hotel room with the goal of “teaching a lesson” to the owner. “He requested that the police come to the hotel as quickly as possible, then boarded the bus and travelled to his destination. Deshmukh continued, “We have filed an unrecognisable case against Waghmare under section 177 of the Indian Penal Code (knowingly supplying false information to a public official” Earlier in the day, the prime minister stated that the state police department was taking every precaution to protect his safety in light of the imminent danger to his life.

“I got threats from Naxalites and other anti-national groups even when I was not prime minister. I am a man of the people, and no one can keep me from being one of them “He had stated. In answer to a query concerning the death threat, the prime minister responded, “Nobody should try to do such a thing.”

Shinde was Minister of Urban Development and Guardian Minister of the Naxal-affected region of Gadchiroli when he received a threatening letter said to have been issued by Naxalites last October. Shinde took over as Prime Minister on June 30 of this year, following the fall of the administration led by Uddhav Thackeray. On October 5, he will address his first Dussehra rally at the MMRDA grounds in Mumbai.

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