Xurat Magan Bhayal Raati Lyrics by Jayanta Hazarika

Xurat Magan Bhayal Raati Lyrics by Jayanta Hazarika from the Assamese-featured film Bristi. You can find more old Assamese lyrics on Assamese Lyrical website.

About Jayanta Hazarika

Jayanta Hazarika was a legendary Assamese singer and composer from Assam. He was born in 1943 in Mangaldai, Assam, and was the younger brother of the renowned Dr. Bhupen Hazarika. He was popularly known as “Rana-da” and left a deep impact on Assamese music with his soulful voice and innovative compositions.

Jayanta Hazarika began his musical journey accompanying his brother Bhupen on stage and gradually carved his own niche in the Assamese music scene. He was a versatile artist who excelled in singing, composing, and playing several instruments. His music beautifully blended western influences with traditional Assamese melody, creating a unique and captivating sound.

Some of Jayanta Hazarika’s most popular songs include “Sur Bahini,” “Moi Eti Jajabor,” “Tumar Morame,” and “Ketekiyo Beparite.” He also composed music for several Assamese films, further solidifying his place as a leading figure in Assamese cultural landscape.

Sadly, Jayanta Hazarika passed away in 1977 at the young age of 34. However, his legacy continues to live on through his timeless music and the countless fans who cherish his memory. He is remembered as a pioneer of modern Assamese music and an inspiration to generations of artists.

Xurat Magan Bhayal Raati SONG Details

Title: xurat magan bhayal raati
Singer: Jayanta Hazarika
Flim: Bristi

Xurat Magan Bhayal Raati Lyrics by Jayanta Hazarika
Jayanta Hazarika

Xurat Magan Bhayal Raati Lyrics:

xurat magan bhayal raati
mouno kulahal
moi jen ek rodor bilaap
xobdor xomodol…

sandra tora thaap maari aani….
thekesi pelabo hol
xurjyo mukhiye xojaabo kahani bethaar xomaadhi tol…

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niyam piyaxi xontaan bure….
niyam nomona hol..
maatrir soku ghon kuwolir gohbor hoi rol..

xogune xodaai xobhaake paate….
bhaxon pori rol
din bur amaar mrito horinor beka xing jen hol!

xurat magan bhayal raati….

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