Kohua Bon Lyrics by Bhupen Hazarika

Title: Kohua Bon Mor Oxanta Mon
Lyrics & Singer: Dr. Bhupen Hazarika
Movie: Puoti Nixar Hopun (1959)

Kohua bon The Lyrics:

Kohua bon mor oxanta mon
aalphul hatere lua xaboti
o eti eti khyon jen mukutare dhon
eneye heruwale nahe ubhoti…

Nila aakokhor ekuti tora
hothate khohi xabote dhora
khit mit andheror nimaat rati
o eti eti khyon jen eti eti pon
eneye heruwale nahe ubhoti…

Puoti nixar hopun dekhi
dekhio nedekhilu hei khyonti
ananta xomoyor haagor khonir
chanchal kulahole bhange ghumoti…

O bolia mon kio usaton?
kalir suruje aani dibo puaati…

Kohua Bon: A Poetic Journey Through Bhupen Hazarika’s Soul

Nestled amongst the verdant tapestry of Assamese literature lies a gem: “Kohua Bon,” a poem penned by the legendary Dr. Bhupen Hazarika. More than just words on a page, it’s a poignant melody that paints a landscape of longing, yearning, and the beauty of nature’s embrace.

“Kohua Bon” translates to “misty forest,” but it’s also a metaphor for the human heart. Hazarika masterfully weaves imagery of this tangled woodland, its paths veiled in fog and its shadows alive with unspoken desires. The speaker’s restless mind wanders through its depths, mirroring the anxieties and questions that often cloud our own thoughts.

The opening lines set the stage: “Kohua bon mor axanta mon / Aalphul hatere lua xaboti” (My restless heart, like the misty forest / Fragrant flower buds whispering secrets). Hazarika personifies the forest, imbuing it with the speaker’s inner turmoil. Each rustle of leaves, each glimmer of moonlight, becomes a brushstroke in the portrait of a soul seeking solace.

As the poem progresses, the imagery shifts. We encounter shimmering fireflies (eti eti khyon jen mukutare dhon – like countless stars adorning the crown of darkness), a solitary star in the vast sky (niila aakokhor ekuti tora), and the soothing rhythm of the Brahmaputra (bolia mon kio usaton? Kalir suruje aani dibo puaati – whispers the river, why worry? Tomorrow’s sun will bring comfort).

Nature becomes a mirror, reflecting the speaker’s emotions and offering a sense of peace. Through its tranquil beauty, Hazarika suggests that even in the midst of our inner storms, there exists a constant, a source of solace that can help us navigate through the uncertainties of life.

“Kohua Bon” is more than just a poem; it’s an experience. It’s a walk through the labyrinthine paths of our own emotions, guided by the gentle hand of a master storyteller. Hazarika’s words resonate with a universal truth, reminding us that even in the most veiled corners of our being, there exists a quiet beauty, a whisper of hope waiting to be heard.

So, delve into the depths of “Kohua Bon.” Let Dr. Hazarika’s words guide you through the shadows and discover the treasures hidden within your own misty forest. You might just surprise yourself with what you find.

Kohua Bon Lyrical Video by Bhupen Hazarika

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