Be the best at the things that excite you, even if they’re not the best trends.

Mental Health Day: Be the best at the things you're excited about, even if they're not the best trends


“Never underestimate the influence you have on others”

In a digitized world, your neighborhood spans the globe. Your “neighbors” on social media are now part of your close group of friends. And sometimes, it feels like your every move is being watched. Having come a significant way into the digital age, we are now aware, at least in passing, of the dangers of social media. We were told that in this brave new world, we would have the freedom to be ourselves.

With the spread of the Internet and various social media platforms to remote corners of the world, everyone has an opportunity to show the world who they really are. An entire industry has sprung up to deliver relatable experiences from influencers around the world.

It is a phenomenon that is unprecedented in history. Countless young people are growing up under the pressure of having to present a curated version of themselves for the approval of their virtual friends.

‘People exercise unconscious selection by being influenced.’

We tend to be drawn to things that we like. Even more, the people we hang out with push us to try and “like” new things. In the real world, it’s much easier to build or destroy trust, through multiple social cues we’ve all been programmed to respond to, but online, it becomes much more difficult. Every day is a new trend, a new rabbit hole to explore for validation because if you don’t, someone else will. Take a step back and ask yourself, “Would you really be influenced by someone you refuse to associate with in the real world?” So why do those who follow you do that? If you don’t really ‘belong to a trend’, you’ve wasted a lot of time trying to convince yourself and others that you do.

Explore your virtual interests in the real world, do things that don’t require external validation, and take the time to build a network of trusted friends and family who have your back, whether it’s providing feedback on the video you just made or a bigger one. a more life-changing decision.

“Our power is different from everyone.”

Everyone who already has a significant amount of influence wants even more of it. The idea is that more followers lead to more engagement, which leads to better sponsorships and a better life. But did you know that most brands today prefer to work with influencers who have built their identity around a niche?

The reason for this can be attributed to the ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ cliché. The only way to talk to absolutely everyone is to yell louder than everyone else. Substance doesn’t matter when you have style, but people don’t stay forever because of it. If you can add value to someone’s life over and over again, they will want to keep you around. In the same way, if you know a lot about your niche, it will show in the authenticity of your content and how much your followers like it.

So, find what you love and let it kill you, as Charles Bukowski said. In other words, be the best at the things that make you happy, even if you aren’t up to date on the latest trends. You will make it happen!

‘Being too hard on yourself is counterproductive’

It’s okay to slip from time to time, everyone does. The key is to not be so self-critical or make slips so big in your head that it seems like the end of the world. It’s also okay to take breaks and take days off for mental health – the world won’t stop spinning and your followers won’t suddenly disappear. Only when you are truly free from notions of perceived failure will you find happiness in what you do.

Above all else, remember to take care of your mind, heart, and body. When you need help, do not be afraid to ask about it. Surround yourself with things and people you love, and the rest will fall into place. Social media is all about how quickly things change, so if you are having a bad time, just remember that it will be over soon.

You can always make mistakes, as long as you don’t make the same ones again and you know that influence goes both ways.

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