Food that can help you reduce Cancer risk to maximum

How to reduce Cancer risk?

When we know that there are certain things we want to keep away from us and we know how. Today the hot topic everywhere is that we get to be healthy by knowing the simple things to take care of. Like we have a major problem of dealing with the chance of having cancer. It is something we all are very much careful of to not have. So today we are going to give you some tips on how to reduce the risk of cancer by adapting some good food habits.

reduce Cancer risk

Let’s start knowing

Low fat diet is a must along with saying goodbye to saturated fat products

It is very imperative that when you choose your diet you have to get concerned about the amount of fat associated with it. There are basically two ways through which the cancer risk increases and they are-

  1. Tumor cells require LDL (Low-Density Lipoproteins) to develop. Some fats provide LDL which automatically leads to cancer risk.
  2. Consumption of fat also encourages the production of bile juices that is required to digest fat. If this bile stays for the longest period in the intestine, it changes into Apcholic Acid, a verified carcinogen.

As we all know there are two kind of fat- the good and the bad one. What we have to take care of is to choose which one is good for us and which one isn’t. Here are some the things which are lined up to make us aware of which we should and shouldn’t intake.

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Avoid oils such as-

  • Palm
  • Palm kernel
  • Coconut oil
  • Cottonseed oils  (potentially carcinogenic)

But you can take in vegetable oils like-

  • Olive oil
  • Canola oil

Flaxseed oil as well as omega-3 fatty acids present in oily fishes.

Raw and fresh Fruits & Vegetables

According to a research as seen, those people who consumes more and more of raw fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of cancer. It is because as they eat such fresh food the habit of eating oily foods decreases which in result turns out to give the highest possible healthy benefits to all the people.

Try to eat vegetables and fruits various compounds, including indols, cumines, phenols, isothiocyanates and flavones that help in blocking the production of carcinogens. These deactivating agents stop carcinogens from getting dangerous target spots within the cell.

Boost your fibre intake

For every people doctors highly recommend the intake of fibre in their daily food routine. Why? Because higher the fibre; lower is the risk of colorectal cancer. Fibre food intake helps you in good digestion and plays soft on the intestine. Hence it gives more easy digestion and less stress on your stomach. Another advantage is that it will give you less fat and cholesterol to your body.

As we saw that,  there are three strict food eating habits that you should get used to in order to prevent the risk of cancer. If you are regular with such routine then you are bound to get a much healthier life. Eat healthy and be healthy.

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