Singer Ditty Announces Songs For Forests Tour to Six Indian Cities

Singer Ditty has announced that she will be going on her Songs for Forests tour this October. She will play in six cities in India. The tour will have Ditty’s signature music, which is inspired by nature, and she will be singing songs from the earth in the gardens.

The musician will also work with local environmentalists to start important conversations about climate change, sacred ecology, community regeneration, and transformation.

Indian artist and environmentalist Ditty lives in both Goa and Berlin at the moment. The upcoming Songs for Forests tour by Ditty will be put on by Tangy Sessions. The singer-songwriter will go by train to six cities across the country.

Singer Ditty Announces Songs For Forests Tour to Six Indian Cities

She wants to spread the message of being one with nature by working with local environmentalists. This is a message that is always present in Ditty’s music and is very important in the world we live in now.

Singer Ditty Announces Songs For Forests Tour

Ditty says this about the tour and its message: We will talk about how we are the Earth and not separate beings, and how we can love and care for ourselves, the communities around us, and the Earth.

The goal of this tour is not to produce any carbon. Greenlane will help the artist determine how much carbon dioxide the term will produce. With the help of local environmentalists, Ditty will plant a local indigenous food forest at Pollam Farm in Hyderabad.

Over time, this will make up for the carbon emissions that the tour caused. He wants to start a charity called WeWild that invests money in reforestation projects to help artists, businesses, and everyone else reduces their carbon footprint.

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The Song for Forests tour is an attempt to bring back Ditty’s Make Forests Not War tour (2020), which had to be put off because of the pandemic.

Photo: Instagram, @heyyditty

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