Vegetable prices appeal more to the middle class

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Delhi: The holiday season is all about vitality, excitement, and fun. While people are out shopping and there are several bargains going on, the cost of vegetables and fruits are rising. The festive season has increased the prices of vegetables and fruits used on a daily basis, making it harder for residents of Delhi-NCR to strike a suitable balance in their daily budget.

The prices of vegetables and fruits at Safal shops, as well as those found in retail outlets, have increased significantly. Not only have the festivals increased the costs, but so have recent rainstorms. Some of the product deteriorated before being sent to market.

Fees, which are generally restricted in Safal stores, have also risen, according to the IANS news agency. Here is a comparison list.


Potato – Rs 18 to 22 per kg

Cabbage – Rs 98 per kg

Eggplant – Rs 45 per kg

Tomato – Rs 54 per kg


Tomatoes: Rs 50/kg

Potatoes: Rs 30/Kg

Cauliflower: Rs 130/kg

Ladyfinger and eggplant: Rs 60/kg

Lemon: Rs 250/kg

Bottle gourd: Rs 80/kg


Potato – Rs 25-30 per kg

Cabbage – 100 rupees per kg

Eggplant – Rs 80 per kg

Tomato – 50 rupees per kg

Vegetable rates may vary slightly depending on the respective regions and the retailer’s rate. However, people seemed upset with most of them struggling to deal with the price increase.

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