Youths use Mahindra Scorpio for bursting firecrackers; Punished by Gujarat Police [Video]

India often sets off firecrackers, especially during the Diwali holiday. A Mahindra Scorpio was being driven as young people from Ahmedabad did firework stunts in a video that soon gained popularity online. Here is what happened when the video became well-known.

The Internet video that went viral shows a group of young people shooting sky shooters from the roof of a moving Mahindra Scorpio. Several people can be seen sitting on the Scorpio’s roof and bonnet as it travels along a public road in the video. Additionally, people are coming out of the SUV’s window.

When the video got viral, Ahmedabad Police took note and started looking for these youngsters. They were finally arrested by the police. However, they were not formally detained by the Ahmedabad Police. Instead, sit-ups were to be performed by the youngsters. A video of the penalty meted out by the police was published by the Ahmedabad Cops’ official Twitter account.

Fireworks are dangerous and may cause accidents. If they had been used in this way, they may have caught on fire. This may have also occurred because firecrackers have been used to start fires in the past.

Such acts are likewise forbidden on public property, and the police have the authority to issue challans. We don’t know whether the young folks received monetary fines for driving recklessly from the Ahmedabad Police.

Video used as proof

Nowadays, the vast majority of big cities are equipped with a CCTV network that is closely monitored by a team of police personnel. The registration number helps the authorities locate the infraction and give the appropriate challan.

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The authorities and the government have lately been attempting to increase the challan amount. The tougher punishments are meant to reduce the number of violations and advance traffic safety.

India is one of the nations with the highest global rates of traffic fatalities. The disrespect for traffic regulations and irresponsible driving sometimes results in the death of other road users. The purpose of the monitoring is to lessen the number of people who drive dangerously. The police continue to tighten down on vehicles that lack or ineffectively use rearview mirrors. In Hyderabad, the police have started issuing challans to two-wheeler owners without mounted mirrors. It is predicted that police in other cities would soon implement the same strategy.

Any kind of stunt is forbidden on public roads, and offenders face both incarceration and harsh punishment. You might go into trouble for doing stunts on public streets for a number of reasons. Only privately held property, including racetracks and even farms, should be used for stunting exercises and capturing videos. One should also be mindful of how hazardous such behaviours are.

On video, the teenagers can be seen perched on the bonnet of the moving vehicle. The two kids converse and take pictures of one another as the vehicle is moving. Such pranks might go horribly wrong. Just picture stepping out of the automobile while it’s still moving. It might have disastrous effects.

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