Wish you a very Merry Christmas

Wish you a very Merry Christmas!

At the beginning of the month of December, the only word which echoes in everybody’s mind is none other than Christmasy Christmas! Christmas is not only celebrated by just Christians alone but it is enjoyed and honored by every religion, caste, and sex. This is celebrated all over the world globally.

“In this Christmas don’t forget to have courage and be kind.”

The first thing which comes to anybody’s mind is the smell of fresh cookie and chocolate brownie from the oven on early morning Christmas day which makes the aura perfect for the festival.

“May this Christmas bring you lots of joy and happiness”

The huge Christmas tree decorated with fairy lights, red ribbon and bows, tiny toys, colorful light balls, and a huge pretty star above the tree is a cherry on top which makes the day even more special!!

“Christmas must be celebrated with the one we love (family)”

Christmas is celebrated every year on 25th December. It is the day when Jesus Christ was born.
The festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. All houses and shops are whitewashed cleaned ( like Diwali where houses are cleaned to welcome goddess Laxmi). Houses are decorated with colorful lights and flowers, grand dishes are prepared for family and friends, gifts are exchanged. The entrance of the door is decorated in a very pretty and bright way.

“Give as much as you can to those who can’t afford it this Christmas”

Members of the family gather around the tree at night when the tree is lighted with pretty small lights together with their relatives and friends and sing prayers in praise of Lord Jesus. Christmas cards are sent to close relatives and friends on this occasion.
The members of the family wear new clothes, dress, shoes and celebrate this occasion by holding the hands of each other they sing and dance together after the grand feast is over which consists of the finest food a Christian family can afford. The adults of the family drink wine and watch the best Christmas movies with the entire family. On this day people gather early in the morning at church to pray to god for a healthy and good life.

“Christmas means spreading love “

Christmas is celebrated by both rich and poor equally. According to the people the God has sent Lord Jesus Christ on this earth to save people from sin and misery. Jesus died on a cross by the people who didn’t believe him. It is believed that those who have faith in Lord Jesus will be saved.
“This festival is a way to tell people and children the value of love, sacrifice, and kindness.”
Every market in the world is decorated with Christmas trees and lights. This is the only festival in which the entire world comes together to celebrate.

Wish you a very happy Christmas and a happy new year!

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