Valentine’s Day Wishes for Lovers, Wife and Husband, Friends

The festival of “LOVE” is thought to be originated from a Roman ancient festival. A festival in which both boys and girls participated during springtime. Whatever the reason might be behind why this festival is celebrated, today the world enjoy this day with lots of enthusiasm as the “FESTIVAL OF LOVE”.

“Love because it’s the only thing which we can’t buy.”

“The only thing which can save the world from getting doomed is lots of love and kindness”

Valentine’s day is celebrated annually on 14th February. The day in which the lovers express their feeling for the one they love.

“Love because you can”

The day on which the whole world celebrates the feeling of love. On this special day, we prepare whatever we can to show our lover how much they mean to us.

“In order to receive love you need to love yourself first”

“Love is just like the wind, you can’t see it, but you’ll feel it.”

For many it might be just a day.. yeah it is.. its just a day but the day which gives respect and support to love.


The day which gives significance to the power of love.


How would you express your feeling towards someone you really care for? Someone is not necessary has to be a girl or boy or boyfriend/girlfriend.

“No one can be happy with material stuff for a very long time it’s only love which can do that”

On this day you can show your love to even those about whom you care about. Your mother, father, brother or sister.

“Only love can make you feel complete“

The main motto of this festival is to spread love and kindness.

“Have you ever felt loved?”

“Love because life cannot be wasted on being hated”

This festival is celebrated by almost every single person living on this planet.

“A heart isn’t judged by what proportion you’re keen on but it is judged what proportion you’re loved by other.”

Valentine’s Day Wishes for Lovers, Wife and Husband, Friends

Something more than a sense of belongingness can make you feel complete and that’s love.

Love can be found by the luckiest ones.

Are you in love or just love the feeling of being loved?

Only those who have tasted what it feels like to be loved are thirsty for love again

It is only loving which makes you feel better about yourself.

When was the last time you felt loved?
Love yourself first
The world will become a better place when we will start loving yourself first.
Don’t lose hope have courage, be kind and spread love.
Love because the world needs it

What we all lack in this generation is the lack of love.
Be kind to each other and spread love.
One thing more powerful than hatred is LOVE.

Only those who have been in love knows the power of love.
Love is not something you can purchase you need to earn it.
Everyone is thirsty for love.

Only the lucky ones got the opportunity to taste true love.
Your life is wasted because if you haven’t been in love.
One of the most thrilling experiences of life is falling in love.
Only the one with courage can fall in love.
It needs the courage to fall in love.

Love everyone but because you have to but because you can.
You are the strongest if you love someone without any personal benefit.
Be strong and love.

Valentine’s day is the day when your lovers celebrate their togetherness.
If your love is strong no amount of hatred can bring you down.
Love can change your opinion about someone.

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