Hyundai Alcazar stuck on beach for over 24 hours

The dangers of driving on the beach or near the water have been covered in our writing several times. Still, some people don’t pay attention to any of this and end up with a car that gets stuck in the sand. We’ve seen most of these situations before. Most of the time, locals or the fire department help the cars that are stuck on the shore. Most of the time, people and cars escape the incident unscathed, but not everyone is that fortunate. Attempts are being made to rescue a Hyundai Alcazar SUV that has been stranded on a beach in Maharashtra for more than 24 hours.

Raftaar 7811 posted the footage on its YouTube account. The event happened at Bhuigaon beach in Vasai, according to the YouTuber. This event occurred this week on Wednesday, according to a number of media accounts. It has occurred before, so this is not unprecedented. Locals have told the media that this happens once a year at Bhuigaon Shore, but the government does nothing to stop people from driving their cars to the beach.

Seven passengers were on board the Hyundai Alcazar in this scenario. At low tide, the driver drove the vehicle to the shore. Things started to spiral out of control when one of their wheels became trapped in the sand as they were traveling to the beach. Locals and firemen showed up to assist in removing the SUV. Despite the low tide, villagers and authorities were unable to remove the automobile. Around 8.30 p.m., the automobile became stuck in the sand, and attempts to tow the car out were unsuccessful. After being parked on the beach all night, the automobile was half immersed in salt water as the tide came in.

Others surrounded the SUV, and they tried to move it with a tractor, but they were unsuccessful. As shown in the video, the front portion of the SUV is nearly entirely buried in water. The cabin would undoubtedly get contaminated with seawater’s salt. This video serves as the ideal illustration of why it is improper to drive a vehicle on the sand.

Sand makes driving exceedingly difficult. As a front-wheel-drive SUV, the Alcazar in this video is not intended to be driven on such terrain. Even four-wheel drive SUVs have been shown getting stuck in videos. Vehicles are severely harmed by salt water. The car’s components are readily damaged by it. Additionally, certain metal components in the automobile may rust. Since the Alcazar has been under water for more than 24 hours, it is possible that some parts have been damaged beyond repair. Because it was obviously his fault in this situation, the owner of the SUV is not even eligible for insurance. He purposefully drove the SUV into the sand. India has a very small number of beaches where cars are permitted. Driving on any other beach is prohibited, and in the past, we have seen the authorities take action against car owners who violate this rule.

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