Hyundai Alcazar stuck on beach for over 24 hours

Yo, so there’s this thing about cars getting stuck on the beach. It’s kinda funny but also not cool. Some folks don’t listen and drive their cars on the sand. Big mistake!

There was this Hyundai thingy called Alcazar, right? It was on a beach in Maharashtra. Guess what? Got stuck for like a whole day! A YouTuber named Raftaar 7811 even put it on YouTube. It happened on a beach called Bhuigaon. This isn’t the first time. It’s like an annual show where a car gets stuck and everybody watches. Silly, huh?

Hyundai Alcazar stuck at Vasai beach near Mumbai: Attempts to recover SUV fail

The Alcazar had seven peeps inside. They went to the beach when the water was far away. But oh boy, their car’s wheel got stuck in the sand. Bummer! So, the local peeps and some firemen tried to help. But nah, they couldn’t. Night came, water started rising, and half of the car was in the sea. Dang!

They tried with a big tractor too, but no luck. The video shows the car was like half underwater. That’s bad, ’cause saltwater from the sea? It’s like poison for cars. Cars aren’t fish, after all.

Driving on sand? Super hard. That Alcazar wasn’t meant for it. Even big cars get stuck sometimes. Saltwater is super bad for cars. Makes them all rusty and yucky. The Alcazar was in the water for a long day, so maybe it’s all ruined now. And the worst? The dude who did this can’t even ask the insurance peeps for money. They’d probably just laugh.

In India, only a few beaches let cars come. Most don’t. And some guys still try and get stuck. Lol. But hey, next time you think of driving on the beach? Maybe don’t!

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