Akashdeep Deka, Assamese Film Actor

Akashdeep Deka is a well-known and attractive actor from Assam. In the well-known Assamese movie “Bakor Putek,” Akashdeep had a big part. Akashdeep Deka has been in many VCD film series, such as “Jaanmoni,” “JONBAI,” “AIMONI,” “Rangdhali,” and many more. He has already made more than 50 VCD movies.

Akashdeep Deka, Assamese Film Actor

Akashdeep Deka Early Life

Akashdeep was born in Assam on September 12, 1976, and he is still an actor. In 2022, he will be 46 years old and was born in Nalbari, Assam, India. Aquarius is a solar sign, and Kalita is from Assam and speaks that language. He got his master’s degree in economics from the North Eastern Hills University in Shillong.

Akashdeep Deka, Assamese Hero

He is also a good performer on stage. Akashdeep has also worked in many Assamese theaters, and Assamese people love his acting so much.

Akashdeep Deka, Assamese Cinema Actor

The Assamese actor Akashdeep Da had a stroke on Tuesday and was taken to the GNRC Hospital at Dispur in Guwahati.

Akashdeep Deka, Charle

Akashdeep Deka Movie Life

Hero (2006), Anjana (2005), and Jilmil Jonak (2007) are all movies that Akashdeep Deka is known for (2014). Since 2015, he’s been married to Angurlata Deka.

Akashdeep Deka, Assamese Handsome Actor

Akashdeep Deka, Married Life

Akashdeep’s Married Life

The couple that Akashdeep and Angoorlata Deka have is married. Children born to Angoorlata Deka and her husband in 2015 include a daughter named Namami (Born on August 3, 2017).

Akashdeep Deka, Family life

Akashdeep Deka's Family
AkashdeepDeka’s Family

Akashdeep Deka and his wife Angurlata, who are both from Assam, joined the BJP presently at a ceremony in Marigaon.

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