Dwipen Baruah, Melodic Singer in Assam

Dwipen Baruah is one of the most melodic singers in Assam, and you could say that he brought pop and retro music to the Assamese music scene. In 1969, he gave his voice to the popular movie Dr. Bezbaruah, which was the start of his career.

Dwipen Baruah was born in Guwahati in 1945. Dwipen Baruah wrote many pieces of Assamese music that will be remembered for a long time. Baruah worked as a playback singer in close to 50 Assamese movies. He is without a doubt the oldest singer still alive in Assam.

Some of the popular movies he has sung for are Manab aru Danab, Jug Biyug, Aranya, Lolita, Mukuta, Toramai, Mon aru Morom, Abhijan, Ajoli Nobow, Koka Deuta Hati Aru Nati, Dipjyoti, Antony Mor Naam, Aai Mor Jonome Jonome, Iman Morom Kiyo Lage, etc. Suren Sorar Putek was the last movie in which he sang.

He is best known for songs like “Eikhone Gaon,” “Ekhon Nedekha Nodir Hipare,” “Jilika Jiliki,” “Ki Nam Di Matim,” “Moina Kun Bidhatai xajile,” and so on.

Dwipen Baruah, Melodic Singer in Assam

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