Singer Zubeen Garg (জুবিন গাৰ্গ)

Zubeen Garg (জুবিন গাৰ্গ) is an Indian vocalist and music chief, author, lyricist, and Actor from Jorhat, Assam. He has gained religious notoriety in Assam and East India over the course of the last two decades as a native rock star. He is likewise alluded to as an entertainer, lyricist, author, chef, and artist. His commitments are to a great extent credited to Bollywood, Assamese music, and Bengali. He knows dhols, guitar, dotora, mandolin, console, and various percussion instruments.

Zubeen Garg hails from Jorhat, a city in Upper Assam. His starting title is Zubeen Borthakur. He was named after the great writer Zubin Mehta and utilizes his gotra title, Garg, as his last name. Garg was brought into the world by Mohini Mohan Borthakur, a notable lyricist, artist, and Justice of the Peace (who utilizes the nom de plume Thakur), and the late Ily Borthakur.

Zubeen Garg is among the busiest and most productive artists in India. He has effectively sung over 18000 melodies. His commitments are numerous in Assamese and Bengali. Follow Zubeen Garg on Instagram.

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