Singer Zubeen Garg (জুবিন গাৰ্গ)

Zubeen Garg (জুবিন গাৰ্গ) is an Indian vocalist and music chief, author, lyricist, and Actor from Jorhat, Assam. He has gained religious notoriety in Assam and East India over the course of the last two decades as a native rock star. He is likewise alluded to as an entertainer, lyricist, author, chef, and artist. His commitments are to a great extent credited to Bollywood, Assamese music, and Bengali. He knows dhols, guitar, dotora, mandolin, console, and various percussion instruments.

Introduction to Zubeen Garg

Zubeen Garg hails from Jorhat, a city in Upper Assam. His starting title is Zubeen Borthakur. He was named after the great writer Zubin Mehta and utilizes his gotra title, Garg, as his last name. Garg was brought into the world by Mohini Mohan Borthakur, a notable lyricist, artist, and Justice of the Peace (who utilizes the nom de plume Thakur), and the late Ily Borthakur.

Zubeen Garg is among the busiest and most productive artists in India. He has effectively sung over 18000 melodies. His commitments are numerous in Assamese and Bengali. Follow Zubeen Garg on Instagram.

Have you ever felt the mesmerizing aura of Assamese music? If yes, Zubeen Garg is a name you’d be familiar with.

Brief Overview – about Zubeen Garg

Zubeen Garg, a multitalented artist, has been a dominant force in the Indian music industry, especially in Assam. His soulful melodies and powerful vocals make him an icon in the regional music scene.

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Early Life and Inspiration

Born in Assam, Zubeen’s passion for music was evident from a tender age. He drew inspiration from the rhythmic beats of Assam and its rich musical history.

The Rise of a Music Sensation

The journey from Assam to the hearts of millions wasn’t easy, but Zubeen’s talent made it look so.

Breakthrough in Bollywood

Ya Ali” from Gangster? Remember that? That was Zubeen, giving Bollywood one of its most memorable tracks. This song was the gateway to his nationwide recognition.

Regional Hits and Dominance

While Bollywood was a significant milestone, Zubeen’s heart always lay in Assamese and regional songs. From Bihu tunes to modern-day hits, his versatility knows no bounds.

Beyond Playback Singing

Not just a singer, but a composer, director, and actor, Zubeen is a powerhouse of talent.

Musical Style and Influence

Dive deeper into what makes Zubeen’s music tick.

Genre Variability

Zubeen’s ability to switch between genres, from soulful ballads to rocking numbers, showcases his musical prowess.

Influences and Inspirations

Zubeen’s music is a beautiful blend of traditional Assamese styles with modern-day music, creating timeless masterpieces.

Controversies and Criticisms

Like all artists, Zubeen’s journey wasn’t devoid of hiccups.

Moments of Backlash

With fame come challenges. Zubeen faced his share of controversies, but they never deterred his spirit.

Rising above Criticisms

His dedication to music and love from fans helped him rise above criticisms and controversies, reinforcing his position in the industry.

Legacy and Contributions

Awards and Recognitions

His shelves are adorned with numerous awards, testament to his unparalleled talent.

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Impact on Upcoming Artists

For many budding artists in Assam and beyond, Zubeen is an inspiration, a beacon of hope.

Dedication to Assamese Culture

More than an artist, Zubeen is a custodian of Assamese culture, using his music to showcase it to the world.

Personal Life and Endeavors

Zubeen’s life off-stage is as captivating as his melodies.

Zubeen as a Humanitarian

Beyond music, Zubeen has been actively involved in humanitarian works, reflecting his golden heart.

Other Ventures

Be it acting or directing, Zubeen has dabbled in various facets of entertainment, making his mark everywhere.

Zubeen Garg Photos & Wallpapers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How did Zubeen Garg start his musical journey?

He began his journey with Assamese music and slowly transitioned into Bollywood and other regional music industries.

Which was Zubeen’s first major Bollywood hit?

“Ya Ali” from the movie Gangster brought him nationwide fame.

Does Zubeen Garg only sing?

No, besides singing, he’s an accomplished actor, director, and composer.

What makes Zubeen’s music unique?

His blend of traditional Assamese styles with modern music elements.

Has Zubeen Garg won any awards?

Yes, throughout his career, he’s been recognized with numerous awards for his contributions to music.


From the serene banks of the Brahmaputra to the bustling streets of Bollywood, Zubeen Garg’s musical journey is nothing short of magical. His dedication, paired with raw talent, makes him a true gem of Assamese and Indian music.

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