Accoland Perk in Guwahati

Hey there, adventure seekers! Ever heard of Accoland Perk? Nestled in the heart of Guwahati, Accoland is not just any amusement park—it’s a world of its own. So, why is it the talk of the town?

A Brief History of Accoland

Like any grand destination, Accoland didn’t just pop out of nowhere. Its roots trace back to humble beginnings, gradually evolving into the spectacle it is today. But what truly set Accoland apart? Its unique blend of thrill, culture, and endless fun.

Accoland Amusement Park is an eminent spot to make some incredible memories with loved ones. The carnival has a ton of rides and an astonishing water park which makes it an ideal spot for a day spend. Aside from all these engaging decisions there are acceptable eating decisions as appropriately contained in the recreation center which have every one of the pieces from delicate tidbits to extra expound formal dinners.

Top Attractions at Accoland

Feeling the heat? Dive into Accoland’s array of water rides, where each splash feels like a burst of freshness. And if you’re in for some fantasy, the thematic zones are your gateway to another realm. Remember, every corner here has a story, are you ready to discover?

Accoland as a Family Destination

Thinking of a family day out? From kiddie rides that’ll have the little ones giggling in delight to attractions that are fun for the whole gang, Accoland has it all. Because, isn’t the best kind of fun the one shared?

Special Events and Festivals at Accoland

Did you think it’s just about the rides? Think again! Accoland decks up like a wonderland during seasonal events. And the live shows? Oh, they’re the cherry on top, weaving magic and leaving audiences spellbound.

Dining and Shopping at Accoland

All that adventure sure builds up an appetite. Satiate those hunger pangs with a diverse range of culinary treats. And don’t leave without grabbing a souvenir. After all, memories might fade, but mementos linger, right?

Safety and Amenities at Accoland

Concerned about safety? Accoland prioritizes its visitors’ well-being above all. With stringent safety measures and top-notch amenities, your experience is not just delightful but also hassle-free.

Exploring Beyond Accoland

While Accoland is a gem, Guwahati has more treasures hidden. So, once you’re done with the roller coasters and splashes, how about exploring the city’s serene temples or bustling markets?

Tips for First-Time Visitors

First-timers, here’s a tip: visit during the off-peak season for shorter queues. And always, always wear comfy shoes. You’ll be thanking yourself later!


In the tapestry of Guwahati’s attractions, Accoland shines bright, offering not just rides, but experiences. It’s not just an amusement park; it’s a testament to joy, thrill, and memories that last a lifetime.


How much is the entry fee to Accoland?

It varies based on seasons and promotions. It’s best to check their official website.

Are there accommodation options nearby?

Absolutely! Guwahati offers a range of hotels suitable for all budgets.

Is Accoland suitable for senior citizens?

Definitely. While there are thrilling rides, there are also calm attractions and relaxation zones.

What’s the best mode of transport to Accoland?

Public buses, cabs, and auto-rickshaws are easily available.

Are pets allowed in Accoland?

Typically, amusement parks have restrictions on pets, but it’s wise to check with Accoland’s policies beforehand.

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