Mulayam Singh Yadav’s condition remains critical, AIIMS Delhi doctors being consulted

Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and leader of the Samajwadi Party, Mulayam Singh Yadav, is still in critical condition. The most recent update on his health says that his vital signs continue to change every day, which is why doctors have to keep him on a ventilator.

Doctors from the All Indian Medical Sciences in Delhi were also called in to help the former Indian Defense Minister get better care. Yadav’s health has been getting worse over the past few months, but on Sunday, it got even worse, so he was taken to the ICU at Medanta Hospital in Gurugram.

Sources say that when his vital signs changed, doctors who were already treating him in Lucknow were sent to the Medanta hospital in Gurugram. Also, doctors from AIIMS Delhi came to the Medanta hospital to talk about Mulayam Singh Yadav’s care.

The doctors told the main doctors about Yadav’s health history, and they talked about it. The next step in Yadav’s care will be decided by doctors at Medanta Hospital after they talk to experts and doctors who have treated him before.

Several top party leaders have been going to Medanta Hospital to find out how Yadav is doing. Abu Azmi, who is the leader of the Maharashtra PS, also showed up in Medanta on Tuesday night. After going to see Yadav, Azmi told reporters, “Netaji’s condition is stable, but he needs help breathing.” In this case, it’s too soon for him to explain something, so people should pray. Netaji cares a lot about workers at every level. So many people have come to see them because of this. He’ll get better soon and be able to lead the group like before.”

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People who work for the party have been gathering around the hospital to find out how their party leader is doing. The party has told workers not to crowd into the hospital, but supporters are pushing back against this. to show that you care.

Mulayam Singh Yadav’s followers have been praying for their leader’s health by holding Hawan and getting together to pray.

Since 2013, Yadav has been a bad person. Medanta Hospital says that Yadav has serious problems with his lungs and kidneys. Yadav’s blood pressure has also been out of control, which is why doctors had to move him to the ICU. Yadav has been having trouble breathing, and he has also had dialysis for his kidney problems. This has helped his health a little, but his condition is still very bad.

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