Use SEMrush and Get top 10 ranking in google

Talking about a blog or website there are lot of things to be considered. Out of them one of the most important one is Keyword Search. Based on the keywords that you will be using you will get a lot of traffic for your site. So today, in this article we will be talking about how to use a simple yet effective tool for your keyword search. SEMrush is quite an effective tool to use for keyword research. Let’s talk about it.

Use SEMrush and Get top 10 ranking in google

About SEMrush

This tool is an amazing one as it will give you the best keyword research as compared to other tools. It analyses big sites too. If you want to earn lots of money through your site then using this tool is going to give you a big benefit. There have been new features added to this tool out of which the core keyword database works the finest and will let you earn a lot for your pocket. There is this amazing feature available in this tool that lets you filter the keywords too. It will show which keywords a particular page ranks for. By viewing all these you can use them too and earn a lot for your page.


Want to know if there are any other uses for the tool?

  • There is prospecting for potential domain buys.
  • If had a huge crash would get a penalty.
  • If you want to see how a particular site is doing SEO wise then directly pop their domain in SEMrush and you will see that they are barely ranking for anything. That way you will never hire such company. So it is a lot useful than any other tool.
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New features in SEMrush
Being the best tool for keyword search, they give continuous effort in updating new features into the tool. The best features of SEMrush currently are –

  1. Site auditing tool
  2. SEO content template
  3. Best results for keyword and their content on sites
  4. Report on common phases used, etc.

Basically, these are the best thing you will be getting in this wonderful tool which is to be honest more than enough to get you started with earning a huge lot for your pocket and also site. So don’t delay anymore and get started immediately.


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