Kaziranga National Park : A place to remember and visit

 The pride of Assam


Needless to say, most of the people from every corner of the world knows or have heard about the proud of Assam. When saying about proud it certainly means the one horned Rhino! Where in Assam is it found? The national park named as Kaziranga National Park. But most people certainly do not know about the national park. So today here in this article we are going to give you detailed information upon The Kaziranga National Park.

About Kaziranga

If we start then, Kaziranga is located among Golaghat and Nagaon, Assam. The size of the park is approximately 40km form east to west and from north to south it is 13km. most of the area is covered with trees and greens. Even when you are travelling through roads, sometimes if you are lucky enough then can find the beautiful view of the elephants, deer, rhino or bulls belonging to the national park. It is less of a national park and more like a jungle full of free animals which are preserved. The one-horned rhino is the best view that you do not want to miss.

Kaziranga have very fertile soil and alluvial soil which is formed by erosion. There are sandbars and lakes too. If we are to get its location as per ecozone then it is located in Indomalaya ecozone. The seasons of Kaziranga National Park are mostly Summer/Winter and Monsoon. During the summer most of the waqter bodies dry up. Similarly during the monsoon the situation is totally the opposite as the summer because mostly floods are experienced and the animals suffer a lot due to this reason.

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If you are looking forward for an experience with the beautiful creatures of this extraordinary park, then come with your families. Go into safaris; get close with nature and the varieties of species found in this territory. The experience will be worth a watch. Get close to Kaziranga and get close to the beautiful one-horned rhino. It is a part of incredible India.

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