Bone Health 7 Things to AVOID in Your 30s to Keep Your Bones Healthy

Bone Heath

Bone health in your 30s: Infuse minerals into bones during adolescence, early adulthood, and childhood. While building strong, healthy bones during childhood and adolescence is crucial, there are things you can do as an adult to maintain bone health. A variety of dietary and lifestyle choices can help build and maintain strong bones as you age. Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee says, “With only 20-30% absorbed of total ingested calcium, there are certain foods that actually prevent absorption and eventually promote bone loss.”


  1. Soft drinks are high in sugar and caffeine. They also contain phosphoric acid as a preservative, which is implicated in bone loss.
  2. Excessive consumption of animal protein caused urinary loss of calcium
  3. Caffeine in tea, cocoa, chocolates, and coffee increases calcium excretion.
  4. Smoking and chewing tobacco also rob the body of its calcium stores, as nicotine impairs calcium absorption.
  5. Excessive consumption of salt and sugar increases calcium excretion.
  6. A person with a small frame and less muscle mass also tend to store less calcium.
  7. A sedentary lifestyle robs your body of its calcium stores. When you start any physical activity like walking, running, or jogging, it helps you prevent bone loss.

There are many things we can do to maintain strong and healthy bones, including eating foods rich in calcium and vitamin D, exercising regularly, and practicing healthy lifestyle practices.

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