Taylor Swift’s Midnights Album Decoded: All The Easter Eggs

While watching Crazy Men, Taylor Swift first came across the term “lavender haze,” which serves as the title of the song’s opener. It wasn’t long before the singer discovered that “it’s a frequent word used in the ’50s when they basically characterised being in love,” as she recounted in an Instagram video dated October 7.

That meant you were in that all-pervasive warmth of love, she said, “as if you were in the lavender haze.” And I thought that was very lovely. When in the lavender haze, Swift said, “I think in principle, you’ll do everything to remain there and not let anyone pull you off that cloud.”

Swift then made reference to her six-year relationship with Joe Alwyn. We had to avoid strange stories and tabloid coverage by just ignoring it, she said. The act of disregarding such things in order to save the genuine things is what this song is about, then.

Swift mentions the relationship rumours in the lyrics of one of the songs. She sings, “The only sort of lady they see/Is it a one-night stand or a wife/All they keep asking me is whether I’m going to be your girlfriend.”

Fun fact: Zoe Kravitz, an actress and Swift acquaintance, co-wrote “Lavender Haze.”

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