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Rashmika Mandanna, who became an overnight sensation with her character from ‘Srivalli‘ and its hook step of ‘saami saami‘, which is still a viral sensation 9 months after its release. The actress recently spoke about the movies that changed her career, mentioning that Pushpa changed the perspective of audiences across the country.

She said, “First there is Kirik Party which is my debut film in Kannada, then there is Geeta Govindam who drew so many eyes on me as a performer and after that there is Pushpa. He changed the perception of me as an actor across the country.” The actor added, “I was never an actor. I’m still in a phase where I’m exploring myself. So for me, being a public figure is still a new concept.”

Speaking more about Pushpa’s success, Rashmika Mandanna said, “We knew we had made a good movie. We can never foresee the outcome of a movie. We knew that the content was good and that it was going to be available. But we knew it was going to be positive. And then the result was like ‘wow.’”

Rashmika Mandanna release in 2021 Pushpa: the ascent made the actor a household name throughout India. Apart from her performance in the Telugu hit, the actress also received praise for her dancing in the hit Saami Saami. Her hook step in the dance became a sensation.

The actress is preparing for her next film, ‘Bye‘, in front of Amitabh Bachchan. She also hasAnimal‘ vs. Ranbir Kapoor, ‘Varisu‘ vs. Vijay Thalapatty and ‘Majnu Mission‘ in front of Sidharth Malhotra in the pipeline.

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