Good care of your hair during winter.A guide!

Tips to take care of your hair during winters

Good care of your hair during winter.A guide!

As winter is approaching we all get really worried about how to take care of our skin or hair. This is because every season has its own way of saying hi to you and dealing with it in every way is really very important. Today we are going to discuss some basic things that we need to take care of while winter arrives. Grooming is always part of caring try to remember that. So let us know how to take good care of your hair during winter.A guide!

Always remember the following steps while thinking about your hair. Let’s start-

  • Winter gets dry and so does yours scalp. So what you have to do is provide the necessary amount of oil to the hair so that it keeps growing and becomes less dry. For that use coconut oil or olive oil and mix it with a tea spoon of lemon and try to massage it into the scalp. Do not forget to heat the oil before. Apply it for 30 minutes and rinse it off with a good shampoo and then conditioner.
  • Conditioning is utmost important while counting on for the good health of your hair. Try to condition it right but. Whenever you shampoo try to condition it too especially during winters. The main tip that you have to understand about conditioning right is that you have to not condition your scalp but the hair and its tips. Try to rinse off the shampoo completely before conditioning your hair.
  • Never try to hold or tie your hair up while they are wet. Use blow dryer to keep it dry and then later tie them up. First of all, remember to maintain a good distance of the dryer from your hair in case you don’t want to damage your hair. Otherwise try to use the cold air to dry your hair out.
  • During winters it is very important to keep the scalp moisturized. To do so try doing massage of your hair and scalp with some olive oil. This will help you to keep the roots strong and the scalp moisturized.
  • Want to have quite great bouncy and shiny hair? Then there is a simple solution to it. Take honey and apply it to your hair from root to tips, then put a shower cap on top and keep it for 30minutes. After that wash it off with lukewarm water. The results after that are quite worth it.
  • Now what about the frizzy hair that you get during the winter. Those are the most irritating things that make your hair look even duller. So for that try to use such combs which are combination of wooden and plastic combs.
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So, now you see the basic things that you need to take care of while preparing for winter. Use them and you are always ready to dazzle things up with these awesome tips.

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