The effect of Mahalaya in our lives. The coming of Maa Durga.

The effect of Mahalaya in our lives. The coming of Maa Durga.

As we step into the month of September/ October every year, it gives us the feeling of festival approaching into our loves. People of India are quite colorful in both nature and in loving ways. They like to celebrate each and every season with some new things coming into their loves. As for this month it’s the Puja days that are being diluted in the air of India. Starting from tomorrow we are going to invite Maa Durga into our lives for 9 days that is why it is also known as Navratri. Today here in this article we are going to emphasize more on the effect of Mahalaya in our lives.

What is Mahalaya?

Well Mahalaya is marked as the day when Goddess Durga sets her foot into the earth. This is the day when she comes into the world to celebrate the victory of power over evil. It is mostly accepted that she comes in different kinds of carriages such as The Elephant, The boat, The Horse etc. It is also said that depending on the carriage that she uses to come down to earth the weather changes during those days. That is what basically Mahalaya is all about .Well Indian mythology department is stuffed with many such beliefs and facts. Here we will be telling you how we have been celebrating the arrival of Durga Maa (Mother) into our lives.

What do we basically do?

As soon as the dusk happens there is a feel of something magical happening on this day (the day of Mahalaya) . The air itself smells as if filled with the smell of all those purity in this world. The priests starts chanting the mantras and also sings many devotional songs as a way of welcoming the Goddess into our lives. The sculptures that are made for this occasion remains incomplete in the sense that the eyes of the Goddess is not yet painted and tomorrow that is on the day of Mahalaya it will be painted. Goddess Durga is the source of power and gives a strong message to many people in the world that when you are fighting for the right and have courage that can defeat any evil in this world irrespective of the fact that you are a woman or a man. The chants and the mantras makes us feel as if we are drenched with purity. Some people also walk during that early morning time to feel the presence of strength and purity into our lives. As believed, it is said that the air if touches your skin will make you not fall for any skin disease that year anymore and will help you from not falling into any kind of life-taking disease, in short will keep people healthy.

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These all are believes and faith upon god that make people do such  kind of things. And as a matter of fact where there is a belief there is god . So, let’s celebrate power. Wishing everyone a Happy Durga Puja in advance.

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