Celebrations are consistently the best season. Families meet up and there is consistently bliss in fellowship. In India individuals are in every case loaded with shading and bubbly states of mind. This month brought the period of puja. Durga puja is one of the fabulous festival done in India.


Individuals everywhere on the nation commend these 4-5 days with extraordinary eagerness. It is commended to see power overruling the insidiousness. Goddess Durga is perhaps the most remarkable Gods and accepted to have murdered an evil because of which all Indians consistently invites her and gives her regard for being the best image of force.

The puja is by and large accomplished for 5 days-

  1. Shashti as in the sixth day.
  2. Saptami as in the seventh day.
  3. Ashtami as in the eighth day.
  4. Navami as in the ninth day.
  5. Dussehra as in the tenth day.

Everybody gives petition to the Goddess by wearing excellent new garments to make themselves look wonderful. At that point pandal bouncing is done starting with one spot then onto the next to perceive how spell-jumping the Goddess’ Idol has been finished.

Probably the best sensation of Durga puja are the mouth watering food. From the unadulterated desserts produced using milk and explained spread. The jalebis which are the work of art during Durga Puja. The lovers in the wake of offering supplications like to pig out on these desserts and numerous different food sources.


The whole nation scents of incense and resembles a place where there is colors sprinkled for what it’s worth. These days are worth am experience since you will have the times of whole euphoria and rapture.

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Wishing everybody an exceptionally Happy Durga Puja. May Durga Maa give you the force of equity alongside the ability to battle against the evil inside and out.

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