A list of Assamese Newspapers

Find the list of all popular Assamese Newspapers. Find daily, weekly and fortnightly categories of Assamese Newspapers. Desciprtion, editor, reviews and publishers of the Assamese Newspapers published from All over Assam state.

Asomiya Pratidin
Editor: Haidar Hussain.
Publisher: Asomiya Pratidin Pvt. Ltd.
Website: www.asomiyapratidin.co.in
Details: Asomiya Pratidin has been serving as a famous Assamese newspaper for last couple of decades in Assam. Vetran journalists like Late Parag Kumar Das, Atanu Bhyuan served as executive editors of the newspaper. The weekly tabloid is ‘Xombhar’. Asomiya Pratidin is currently published from Guwahati, Dibrugarh, Lakhimpur and Bongaigaon also. This newspaper has a very famous website.

Amar Asom
Editor: Shri Homen Borgohain.
Publisher: G.L Publication, Guwahati.
Website: www.amarasom.glpublications.in
Details: One of the most famous Assamese daily newspaper of recent days in Assam. The Editor of the newspaper is Homen Borgohain, who is one of the most powerful author of 21st century in Assam. Homen Borgohain’s column in the Newspaper is always a must read. The Weekly sunday tabloid of the assamese newspaper is “Purbachol”. Amar Asom is published from Guwahati and Jorhat.

Ajir Asom
Editor: Shri Apurba Sarma.
Publisher: Sentinel Group.
Website : www.sentinelassam.com/ajirasom
Details: Ajir Asom, one of the most popular and famous Assamese daily newspapers published from the Sentinel group.

Dainik Agradoot
Editor: Shri Kanaksen Deka.
Publisher: Agradoot Publishers Pvt. Ltd, Guwahati, Assam.
Website: www.dainikagradoot.com
Details: Dainik Agradoot is one of the most powerful and oldest newspaper of Assam. Dainik Agradoot is published from the same publisher. The editor of this Assamese Newspaper Kanaksen Deka, is one of the most respected and powerful author of Assam. He has been the president of prestigious “Asom Sahitya Sabha” for couple of years.

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Dainik Janasadharan
Editor: Shri Gauri Sankar Kalita
Publisher: Janasadharan, Guwahati, Assam.
Website: www.dainikjanasadharan.com
Details: Dainik Janasadharan is a Assamese daily news paper of started in 21st century. Dainik Janasadharan has captured a good circulation in Assam. It has a good online website also. Dainik Janasadharan is published from Guwahati, Jorhat and Tinsukia.

Ajir Dainik Batori
Editor: Shri Radhika Mohan Bhagawati.
Publisher: Dasarupa Engineering & Publication Pvt. Ltd, Guwahati, Assam.
Website: www.ajirdainikbatori.com
Details: Ajir Dainik Batori is able to create a strong name in the Assamese media world it’s started just four years back. The weekly tabloid is “Anubhuti”. Ajir Dainik Batori is published from Guwahati only.

The Assam Tribune
Editor: Shri Prafulla Govinda Baruah.
Publisher : Tribune Group, Guwahati, Assam.
Website: www.assamtribune.com
Details: The Assam Tribune is one of the most popular English newspaper in Assam. Assam Tribune was initially started in Dibrugarh by Radha Govinda Barua. The Assam Tribune has been serving Assam for many decades and there are many special news goes into it’s credit. It has a very popular online website. The Assam Tribune is currently published from Dibrugarh and Guwahati.

The Sentinel
Editor: Shri Shankar Rajkhewa.
Publisher : The Sentinel Group.
Website : www.sentinelassam.com
Details: The Sentinel is one of the most powerful newspaper in Assam. The Sentinel is highly circulated in Assam and people loved it’s laguage and intellectual notion.

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