Kapil Bora

Kapil Bora is a frontline Cine-Star of Assam. He is noted for his chocolate hero, romantic image and excels in romantic roles. Kapil Bora is a regular drama artist of all India radio. Having lent his voice for several radios plays and programs.

He has hosted several television shows and has also acted in several television serials. Kapil Bora has acted in a host of Assamese films. Gun Gun Gane Gane, Bidhata, Kadambari, Astaraag,Mon, Ajanite Tumaar, Ahir Bhairab, Prem Pahare Bhoyame,Bukuwe Bisare, Jeevan Baator Logori, Jetuka Pator Dore are popular film by him. Apart from cinema, he is also a major actor in Assamese musical video-CD films, which are a hot craze in Assam.

Kapil Bora
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