Kapil Bora – Cine-Star of Assam

Kapil Bora is a frontline Cine Star of Assam. He is noted for his chocolate hero, romantic image and excels in romantic roles. Kapil Bora is a regular drama artist on all-India radio. Having lent his voice for several radio plays and programs.

He has hosted several television shows and has also acted in several television serials. Kapil Bora has acted in a host of Assamese films. Gun Gun Gane Gane, Bidhata, Kadambari, Astaraag, Mon, Ajanite Tumaar, Ahir Bhairab, Prem Pahare Bhoyame, Bukuwe Bisare, Jeevan Baator Logori, Jetuka Pator Dore are popular film by him. Apart from cinema, he is also a major actor in Assamese musical video-CD films, which are a hot craze in Assam.

Assam’s cinematic landscape has seen numerous talents, but few shine as brightly as Kapil Bora. As a celebrated figure in Assamese cinema, his contributions have left an indelible mark on the industry. Let’s embark on a journey to understand the man behind the romantic roles and mellifluous voice. See also, Hiranya Das – Famous Assamese Actor.

The Chocolate Hero of Assam

Remember the first time you experienced the magic of a pure romantic film? Kapil Bora stands at the forefront of creating such magic. With his captivating looks and earnest acting, Kapil has earned the title of the ‘Chocolate Hero of Assam‘. His romantic roles have not just wooed audiences but have also brought a fresh, youthful charm to Assamese cinema. Ever wondered why romantic movies are so engrossing? Well, it’s actors like Kapil who dive deep into their roles, making us believe in the purity of love.

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Kapil Bora on Radio

Away from the camera, Kapil’s voice has been a soothing presence for radio listeners. His association with All India Radio has been significant, lending his voice to numerous radio plays and programs. Imagine tuning into a radio program, and hearing his voice narrate stories that transport you to a different world altogether. That’s the magic Kapil brings to the radio.

Television Venture

From the big screen to the small one, Kapil Bora’s versatility shines through. Whether hosting television shows or portraying varied roles in TV serials, Kapil’s presence is unmistakable. Think about the last time you watched him on TV; his charismatic aura is hard to miss, right?

Prolific Film Career

In his illustrious journey, Kapil Bora has given the Assamese film industry a trove of cinematic gems. Films like ‘Gun Gun Gane Gane‘, ‘Bidhata‘, and ‘Kadambari‘ resonate with viewers even today, highlighting Kapil’s profound impact. Every movie, whether it’s the emotionally charged ‘Jetuka Pator Dore‘ or the thrilling ‘Ahir Bhairab‘, showcases his acting prowess.

The Music Video-CD Craze

But Kapil Bora’s talent isn’t confined to traditional mediums. In Assam, where musical video-CD films are all the rage, Kapil stands as a major actor. His influence in this domain brings forth a blend of cinema and music, creating a unique cultural tapestry for Assam.

Kapil Bora
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From the radio to the cinematic screen, Kapil Bora‘s contributions to Assamese entertainment are vast and varied. He’s not just an actor; he’s a cultural icon who continues to inspire the next generation. So, the next time you tune into an Assamese radio program or pick an Assamese film to watch, remember the legend that Kapil Bora truly is.

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Who is Kapil Bora?

Kapil Bora is a renowned actor in the Assamese film industry, known for his romantic roles and contributions to Assamese cinema and radio.

What are some popular films by Kapil Bora?

Some of his notable films include ‘Gun Gun Gane Gane’, ‘Bidhata’, ‘Kadambari’, and ‘Jetuka Pator Dore’.

Has Kapil Bora worked in television?

Yes, Kapil Bora has hosted various television shows and acted in several TV serials.

Is Kapil Bora associated with All India Radio?

Absolutely, Kapil Bora is a regular drama artist for All India Radio and has been a voice for several radio plays and programs.

Apart from movies, where else has Kapil Bora showcased his acting skills?

Kapil Bora has also significantly influenced Assamese musical video-CD films, a popular medium in Assam.

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