Sau Tarah Ke Lyrics – Dishoom – Jonita Gandhi, Amit Mishra

Sau Tarah Ke Lyrics from the Dishoom, The Song is sung by Jonita Gandhi and Amit Mishra, and the music has been composed by Pritam.

Have you ever found yourself humming to a catchy Bollywood tune, not being able to shake it off for days? “Sau Tarah Ke” from the movie “Dishoom” might be one such melody.

The lyrics of the song have been penned by Kumaar. Starring Varun Dhawan, John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandez, Akshaye Khanna, Rahul Dev, Nargis Fakhri, Saqib Saleem, and Mohinder Amarnath. See also, Sachi Muchi Lyrics – Sultan– Mohit Chauhan, Harshdeep Kaur.

Song : Sau Tarah Ke
Movie: Dishoom
Singer: Jonita Gandhi, Amit Mishra
Music Director: Pritam
Lyrics: Kumaar
Star Cast: Varun Dhawan, John Abraham, Jacqueline Fernandez, Akshaye Khanna, Rahul Dev, Nargis Fakhri, Saqib Saleem, Mohinder Amarnath

Sau Tarah Ke Lyrics

Sau Tarah Ke Lyrics

Kal subah sochenge jo aaj raat kiya,
Kal subah gin lenge saari galatiyan.
Tu mera abhi ho jaana ajnabi,
Phir hum milenge na kabhi…
Kal subah chale jayenge hai ghar jahaan.
Kal subah bole jo bhi bolega jahaan.
Tu mera abhi ho jaana ajnabi,
Phir hum milenge na kabhi…

Sau tarah ke rog le loon.
Ishq ka marz kya hai.
Sau tarah ke rog le lu.
Ishq ka marz kya hai.

Tu kahe toh jaan de doon.
Kehne mein harz kya hai.
Sau tarah ke rog le loon.
Ishq ka marz kya hai.

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Baahon ko baahon me de de tu jagah.
Tujhse toh do pal ka matlab hai mera.

Tere jaise hi mera bhi dil khudgarz sa hai
Tu kahe toh jaan de doon
Kehne mein harz kya hai

Sau tarah ke rog le loon
Ishq ka marz kya hai
So tarah ke rog le lu
Ishq ka marz kya hai

Sau Tarah Ke Lyrics Video

Dishoom: A Cinematic Ride of Thrills and Action

Introduction: “Dishoom” is a Bollywood action-adventure film that was released in 2016. Directed by Rohit Dhawan and produced under the banner of Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment, the film is an exhilarating roller-coaster ride packed with action, humor, and a touch of Bollywood masala.

Plot Summary: The storyline of “Dishoom” revolves around the mysterious disappearance of an Indian cricketer named Viraj Sharma, just before a crucial India vs Pakistan cricket match. With millions of fans waiting for the game and the tension between the two countries at its peak, the Indian government sends in a special task force to find Viraj and bring him back safely before the match begins.

The task force comprises Kabir Shergill (played by John Abraham), an Indian special task officer with a no-nonsense attitude, and Junaid Ansari (played by Varun Dhawan), a rookie cop from the Middle East. As the clock ticks, the duo encounters various challenges and adversaries in their quest, including a seductive thief, Ishika (played by Jacqueline Fernandez), and the main antagonist, Wagah (played by Akshaye Khanna).


  1. Chemistry Between the Leads: The camaraderie between John Abraham and Varun Dhawan is one of the movie’s highlights. Their on-screen chemistry brings in a mix of serious action and comedic elements, making the film entertaining.
  2. Stunts and Action: True to its genre, “Dishoom” is replete with high-octane action sequences and stunts. The chase scenes, in particular, are designed to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.
  3. Music: The film boasts of catchy tracks like “Sau Tarah Ke” and “Jaaneman Aah,” which became quite popular upon release. The foot-tapping music by Pritam played a significant role in the film’s appeal.
  4. Cinematography: The movie is visually striking, with scenes shot in exotic Middle Eastern locales, capturing the essence and beauty of the region.
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Reception: “Dishoom” received mixed reviews from critics. While some praised the film’s action sequences and the chemistry between the lead actors, others felt that the plot was predictable. However, the movie managed to pull in the crowds, making it a commercial success at the box office.

“Dishoom” is a typical Bollywood entertainer that offers a blend of action, comedy, drama, and music. While it might not be a cinematic masterpiece, it certainly provides an entertaining experience for those looking for a light-hearted action flick.

Conclusion – Sau Tarah Ke Lyrics

Sau Tarah Ke” from “Dishoom” isn’t just a song; it’s an experience. An amalgamation of stellar vocals, catchy lyrics, mesmerizing choreography, and a visual spectacle. It reiterates the magic Bollywood brings into our lives, one beat at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who were the lead actors in the movie “Dishoom”?

The movie starred John Abraham, Varun Dhawan, and Jacqueline Fernandez in pivotal roles.

Who choreographed the dance for “Sau Tarah Ke”?

The impeccable choreography was the vision of renowned choreographer, Bosco-Caesar.

What genre does the song “Sau Tarah Ke” belong to?

It’s a peppy, energetic Bollywood dance number.

How did the song fare on music charts?

“Sau Tarah Ke” was a massive hit, dominating music charts for weeks.

Are there any other notable songs from the movie “Dishoom”?

Yes, songs like “Jaaneman Aah” and “Toh Dishoom” also garnered much attention.

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