Do Peg Maar Lyrics | Neha Kakkar Feat. Sunny Leone

“Do Peg Maar” is a popular party anthem by Neha Kakkar featuring Sunny Leone. The song has catchy lyrics and a lively beat that is sure to get people dancing. The lyrics are all about letting go of your worries and enjoying the moment with a couple of drinks. The chorus is particularly memorable, urging listeners to forget about everything and take two shots. The phrase “Do peg maar” literally means “take two shots,” and the song encourages people to forget about their problems and have a good time.

The verses of the song are equally lively and upbeat, with Neha Kakkar singing about making someone feel special and creating a romantic atmosphere. Sunny Leone also makes an appearance in the video, adding to the song’s appeal. The visuals are bright, colorful, and fun, featuring Sunny Leone and Neha Kakkar dancing and singing with a group of friends.

Overall, “Do Peg Maar” is a fun, catchy song that is perfect for any party or celebration. It has all the elements of a great party anthem, from its energetic beat to its memorable lyrics. It’s easy to see why the song has become so popular, and why it continues to be a favorite among music lovers. Whether you’re a fan of Neha Kakkar, Sunny Leone, or just good party music, “Do Peg Maar” is sure to get you dancing and singing along. So, go ahead and take two shots, forget about everything, and enjoy the moment with “Do Peg Maar”!

Do Peg Maar Lyrics in English

Singer: Neha Kakkar
Song: Do Peg Maar
Music: Tony Kakkar
Lyrics: Kumaar
Music Label: T-Series

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Do Peg Maar Lyrics:
Kabhi life up hai
Kabhi down down down down
Kabhi chitti milti
Kabhi kaali kabhi brown brown

Dil pe na load le
Depression chhod de
Daaru mein nimboo nichod
Nashe mein bande jhool jaa

Do peg maar…
Peg maar aur bhool ja

Do peg maar aur bhool ja
Do peg maar aur bhool ja
Do peg maar aur bhool ja
Bhool ja, bhool ja… (x2)

Do peg maar…
Daaru gale mein utaar
Do peg maar daaru gale mein utaar

Hua jo corrupt ishqe da bio-data
Dilwale business mein pad gaya ghata (x2)

Temper na loose kar
Ice cube use kar
Botal koi na khali chhod
Nashe mein bande jhool ja

Peg maar…
Peg maar aur bhool ja

Do peg maar aur bhool ja
Do peg maar aur bhool ja
Do peg maar aur bhool ja
Bhool ja, bhool ja… (x2)

Chill maar tension bhool
Bhool baby bhool
Daaru duniya mein dekh
Karti hai rule (x2)

Chill maar…
Peg maar aur bhool ja

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