Tips on how to do the SEOs upto the mark


tips on how to do the seo upto the mark

SEO is important! You have heard this like thousand of times while asking about how to get more traffic for your blog. Being a blogger you might want to know that how to get that crazy traffic in your site to increase the earning of yours. Well the answer somewhere lies in the SEO. Keywords play a major role while you go for the SEOs. We will have some detailed discussion on it below.

How to do it right?

 There are two types of optimization if so you have to know. In short when you want to make it easier for search engines to look at your site through the use of keywords you need to emphasize on the optimization of it. They are-

  • Onpage optimization
  • Offpage optimization

What we will discuss today will be more focused upon on page optimization. What On-page SEO optimizes is that is a content for a target keyword within a single blog post.

The On-page SEO optimization includes using proper headings, proper keyword placement, ensuring content quality, and paying attention to many other factors.

Question may arise that why do we need On-Page Optimization? The answer to it is that- IT IS NECESSARY!!!

Google ranks the articles according to the SEO optimization. And the goal should be to optimize an article in such a manner which is natural, but in a smart way, so that search engines can easily pick out the target keyword and bring the websites to the targeted visitors.

To help you with how to do it. Here we will be sharing with you 10 factors related to On page Optimization. Lets start!

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Factors related to On page optimization

  1. Blog post title: This is like one of the most imperative factor. The title of your blog must have the strong keywords possible to have a good SEO.  The more clicks your post will get the more you will be generating traffic and that is possible through a title which has the targeted keywords in it.
  2. Post permalink structure: Your URL is also important as it will be displayed while the article is on a page. So you should see to the matter that your URL consist of all those words that has keywords in it and doesn’t include any commas,brackets etc.  Examples –
  3. Heading tags: To highlight your articles heading tags are needed. H1 tags need not to be more than one. But, H2 & H3 tags are needed to be more but not excess because Google Algorithms wouldn’t support it.
  4. Images:  Try to drive in viewers by your image. Tips to do that would be to get good quality image and also trying to write the keywords on the images to help in getting more and more traffic to your site.
  5. Keyword density: It is necessary that you use your main keyword once in the first paragraph and twice in the second and third paragraph.
  6. Meta tags: Another imperative thing is that you need to give meta description well. Try using the keywords in the meta description to get good SEO.
  7. Word count: May not have thought about it but to get into a good traffic it is really very good if you start using the word count factor seriously. 500 words per article is the standard form. Try to write the articles with a word count of 500 or more.
  8. Internal linking: As the name suggests, it is pretty well recommended that you should put internal links to it. This will give the articles linked into another article related to it. Internal linking thus means linking articles to other posts from your blog.
  9. External Linking: You can also try to link your articles with other articles. Those which are not from your blog. This way more people will get engaged to your article to know about some other related stuffs too.
  10. High quality content: Quality work is a mandatory factor. Try to get the content in an engaging manner. That is way too attractive to the viewers than anything else. People look for contents that are useful for them. So try to get the aim set.
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These are the factors you should get hold on to just in order to give your SEO a big hit. Without these factors kept in a perfect way  it might be hard to get hold into the traffic you want to have for your blog.

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