Joe Jonas shares how he takes care of his mental health

Joe Jonas is quite busy. If you haven’t watched his TikTok (particularly him dancing to Lizzo’s “About Damn Time”), you owe it to yourself to do so, since he’s acting in the forthcoming military movie Devotion and has recently had EVO surgery for myopia. Jonas is juggling a lot both on and off camera, but the DNCE singer took the time to speak with Well + Good on how he takes care of himself despite his hectic schedule.

Jonas was captivated to the app like millions of other TikTok fans. Once upon a time, he was breaking his timer locks just to do it again. To protect his mental health and free up time, he deleted the application and other social sites. Jonas informs me in an interview that he no longer has social media apps on his smartphone. “I wish to be present and in this moment.” Instead of commuting, Joe now spends his time exploring the locations he visits, catching up on Netflix, or pursuing landscape photography. “[On] TikTok, everyone is in pursuit of the next craze. And I find myself thinking, Oh, this is going to be so entertaining, and everyone is going to adore it…. I believe you simply need to be true to yourself and pursue what brings you joy.”

“[On] TikTok, everyone is in pursuit of the next craze. And I find myself thinking, Oh, this will be so entertaining, and everyone will enjoy it… “I believe you should simply be honest with yourself and pursue what brings you joy.”

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Jonas enjoys taking care of himself by maintaining a morning routine, in addition to restricting his use of social media. “At Headspace, I meditate first thing in the morning. “I know the meditations do me justice, but I enjoy looking at the clock to see how many days in a row I’ve practised meditation,” he adds. Then, he composes a list of appreciation and posts it in a group chat with some of his friends, therefore holding him accountable. He will then access Duolingo for some Italian lessons. Jonas adds, “Slowly but surely, I’m attempting to learn Italian so that I may order my own meals in Italy.” Having a routine helps you remain present, grounded, and aware of your surroundings, according to him.

With everything happening in the world and on social media, it can be challenging to make time for our mental health, but Jonas reminds us to take the time to be where our feet are planted. “I realise it sounds somewhat humorous, but I believe you’re always planning your next trip, and I’m like, Here we are in this wonderful city” Why not simply enjoy it, glance up from my phone, and be conscious of my surroundings, suggests Jonas as he walks down the street, where there are so many different individuals and energies? [Being present has] made me more appreciative of what I have.”

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