Who is Rambha and what is she doing now after leaving Bollywood All about Bandhan Fame Actress

A Bollywood actress who has been in movies by Salman Khan like Judwaa Y Bandhan and He was in a car accident in Ontario, Canada, not long ago. The news has spread all over social media and fans have been wondering about the actress, where she is now, and what she’s doing.

What happened to Rambha?

Recently, Rambha took the kids to school and was on the way back home when their car was hit by another. It got all the family time in the hospital. Rambha shares a post by saying: “Our car was hit by another car at an intersection before picking up the kids from school! ‘Me with children and my nanny’. We are all safe with minor injuries (thoughtful face emoji), but my little Sasha is still in the hospital (disappointed face emoji), bad days, and bad times. “Pray for us (folded hands emoji), her prayers mean a lot.

Fans of Bollywood actress Rambha still visit her profile and google her to find out what she’s up to these days. They’re happy about her speedy recovery after leaving the world of Bollywood.

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