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As the name says it’s a concept that we are following from the very birth, As taught by our parents it is the society which decides our deeds. It means we have to act keeping in our mind what people will think from the so called society.

But have we ever deeply thought about the society, I feel society to be a mental concept rather then physical.what have the society given us?If we think deeply we will see a girl child is always neglected, most of the educated people with high degrees always welcome a boy child. They say it to be blessing. But when a girl child take birth, the same people regards it to be a curse. Now where is the society to show the right path?

Again when a girl becomes a victim of mentally weak people,  then he society makes the life of the girl miserable. If she somehow survives then she use to hear lots of negative comments along with actions but not even a single person from the society dares to talk to the culprit or take any action against him.

As the great scholar Shakespeare in his great book titled as “Paradise lost“. We can say that now the degradation of our society exactly can be treated as the above quoted title we the youths has the power to schedule every negativity to positivity. welcoming girl child can be termed as one of them. for doing so there is no need of a society. a thinking is enough for it. first step and rest will happen the day from which we will act following our heart against the evil customs will be the journey from “Paradise lost to paradise regain“.

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