Why we should visit Goa during summer? Five simple Reasons.

If planning GOA : plan in summer!

Why we should visit Goa during summer? Five simple Reasons.

Goa! The name itself is something that excites the hell out of a person because it is the place where you get to have unlimited fun. So today we pick Goa and give you five reasons to why we should visit Goa but during summers.

Yes you heard that right. We have outlined some of the best reasons as to why visiting Goa during summer is really very fun. These points are based on the reviews of the people who have visited during that period. So let’s get started-

Why Goa during summer?

  • The crowd is less: During summer we can see that the crowd is normally less than any other season. When the crowd is less you get to enjoy each and every spot with a free mind which makes the trip even more successful.
  • Shopping: When you are going to Goa you couldn’t just say no to the cheap shopping spree you will be having. There are lots of shops in Goa which provides the stuffs at very cheap price during summer which makes it even more attractive.
  • Photography: Who wouldn’t​love to get a great view snapped while in Goa? During summer you get such lovely views that you can get awesome photography done with it which is a yes-yes situation for everyone.
  • Food: The food that you eat depends a lot while you are on a trip. The food in Goa is exceptionally cheap. That is like the best thing Goa can give after those lovely beaches.
  • Para sailing: Yes you heard right! During the summers it is the really best time to set foot into sailing. So if you are into adventures visit Goa during the summer and give para sailing a must try! It is worth an experience!
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So basically these are the things you can assure f having lovely time with while going Goa. While there are many these are just few out of them. The place is filled with lovely beaches and solitude during the summers which makes it way too cooler than any other place you would like to visit.

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