To Looking Younger Top 10 Tips

As people grow older, they slowly find themselves with an abundance of wrinkles, enlarged pores, overall bad hair, and poor dental hygiene.

Finding your 50-year-old-self next to another person of the same age with luscious hair and healthy skin makes you wonder how other people can achieve that. Because everyone should look their best, we share with you our top 10 secrets to looking younger:


1. Make Your Manicure Stand Out


Looking Younger Top 10 Tips

slapping on a bright red or pink colour onto your fingernails which will instantly help you look younger. When it comes to colour selection, do not stray too far from shades of red or pink. Those trendy shades of blue, green, or even yellow will make you look like you are trying too hard to look young if the style does not suit you.

2. Put On A Face Primer



This is pretty simple and easy. Once you find a primer that suits you best (we will not recommend any particular product, but don’t be afraid to try things out), apply it just below your chin – the neck and your upper chest area. You will eventually find yourself with a silky finish on your body that instantly make you look younger.


3. Soften Your Hairstyle

Looking Younger Top 10 Tips


The general rule is hair with a soft, natural flow makes you look younger. Ditch the trendy styles for back-to-basics which is what actually most men prefer.


4. Boost Your Hair’s Volume

How to Take Care of Your Hair


Purchasing a powerful hair dryer will allow you to transform straight or wavy hair to voluminous hair, making you look amazing every day. Read Best Hair Care Tips.

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5. Find The Perfect Foundation


Looking Younger Top 10 Tips


Foundations that consist of anti-aging ingredients will definitely help you mask your wrinkles. But the key thing is to find a foundation that works as a treatment to lift your face as well.


6. Avoid White Sugar

Looking Younger Top 10 Tips


White sugar makes your skin age faster by binding to and weakening your skin’s vital element, collagen. This can cause wrinkles to form easily. Instead of sweets, eat more fruits and vegetables which has high water content to replenish and hydrate your skin.


7. Make Your Eye Area Look Fresh

Looking Younger Top 10 Tips

Even though you may already be applying various facial creams, the area around your eyes are usually neglected as most products are unsuitable to apply near sensitive areas. Luckily, there are products made especially for the skin area around your eyes.


8. Do Not Forget Your Hands!

hand masks


Every time you exfoliate your face or even apply a mask to it, do the exact same thing with your hands. Hand masks are popular and easy to find in stores.


9. Try A Massage



A full body massage is the absolute best trick to getting that reborn feeling. Deep tissue massages are also a top recommendation, as they focus in on the muscles which may be overused.


10. Eyelashes



As you age, eyelashes can become brittle and dry which may cause them to fall out easily. The trick to keeping them refreshed and healthy is simple: before going to bed, apply eye cream to the tip of your eyelashes (of course, apply it to your eyes as well) using your fingers.

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