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Navratri Drinks 2022

Navrathri drinks 2022: The nine-day Navratri fast started from today (September 26) and will continue until October 4. Navratri that falls in the lunar month of Ashwin during Sharad Ritu is called Shardiya Navratri while the one that falls in March or April at the beginning of the year. It is called Chaitra Navratri. During these Navratris two devotees of Goddess Durga observe fasting either on every day, two days or four days. A falahaari diet is followed during fasting and only selected grains or rice such as samak ke chawal, kuttu ka atta, rajgira atta, singhara atta, sabudana, etc. are used to prepare sattvik food during the festival, while wheat, rice, vegetables, onions, garlic are prohibited.

Eating a balanced meal with the right proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals can help you stay healthy while fasting. Eating timely, nutritious meals can also help people with chronic conditions like diabetes, blood pressure, and heart disease manage symptoms.

It is also important to stay well hydrated during the Navratri fast. Upasana Kochhar, Influencer & Restaurateur Shimla Brewing Company suggests some simple refreshing and energizing drinks for the Navratri fast.

1. Matcha Coconut Latte

This simple 3-ingredient matcha latte is packed with antioxidants and can be seriously delicious. Pour the matcha into a large mug, add the hot water and whisk vigorously until foamy. Add the coconut milk and sweetener of your choice. You can add natural sweetness by using maple syrup, agave nectar, dates, or crushed jaggery.

2. Citrus splash

The classic homemade lemonade with a spicy twist can be made by adding freshly squeezed orange juice and orange slices. The citrusy nature of this drink is super healthy as it also aids in digestion. Adding a bit of orange and lemon zest further enhances the aroma and flavor and also makes this drink rich in antioxidants.

3. Golden latte

It’s a wonderful creamy mix of turmeric, medjool dates with a pinch of black pepper; A pinch of vanilla can be added to the almond milk. Adding pink Himalayan salt takes the flavor to the next level.

4. Iced ginger and green tea

A cup of green tea is always recommended. But let’s make a cooler version. Chill the green tea and add some lemon, honey and freshly squeezed ginger juice. Garnish with sprigs of mint leaves.

5. Watermelon Basil Punch

This can be done by combining fresh basil and lemon zest with a pinch of black salt. Watermelon chunks can be added and covered with ice. This is sure to refresh and recharge you for the long day ahead.

6. Earl Gray Tea with Grapefruit

Add fresh grape juice to a cup of brewed Earl Gray tea. Add agave nectar or maple syrup according to taste. Serve cold with freshly cut grapefruit wedges.

7. Chia and coconut water

Fresh coconut water is a good detox, and to add the multi-sensory thrill, load it up with chia seeds. These little seeds act as an excellent source of fiber, protein, and antioxidants while providing a delicious texture. You can also replace chia seeds with basil seeds. Also, you can add lime juice for a spicy kick. Not only is this refreshing, but it also keeps you full and satiated for a long time, helping you lose weight.

8. Coffee and Orange Reboot

Caffeine comes to the rescue when you plan to stay active, alert and energetic to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the festive action. For a healthy twist, pour freshly squeezed orange juice into a glass, top with club soda, and fill with ice. Stir some date syrup, honey into a shot of hot coffee/espresso. Pour the sweetened coffee over the ice cubes/

9. Pineapple Ginger Fridge

Squeeze some fresh pineapple juice. Add a dash of ginger ale. Throw in some juicy pineapple chunks. Serve this refreshing mix over a bed of ice.

10. OMG

This can be done by using the ancient ingredient gud/jaggery to create the most energetic and refreshing drink. This is nothing more than powdered brown sugar and dissolved in a lot of water. Boil it and then cool it. This is a super hydrating drink that also has strong immune-boosting and detoxifying properties.

11. Charcoal Detox

After gorging yourself on all the holiday treats, you definitely need a detox. Fueled with charcoal, this drink is the ultimate detox twist on the classic lemonade. All you need is fresh lemonade, activated charcoal powder, and a pinch of salt. You can add your favorite sweetener.

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